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  • Crazylegs Crane "Air-headed bird who knows music" - What a dummy, this Pink Floyd album proved that art is art

    Pink Floyd's Animals is a classic. Although it didn't sell as well as Dark Side or Wish You Were here, it did hit #3 on the album charts and sold a modest 4 million in the States. The reason why Animals sank out of the charts quick was radio was too scared to play 10 minute pieces which were all great like Dogs, Sheep and Pigs. Also, Pink Floyd proved they can sell records without looking like $0.01 tramps like Madonna the guinea whop! Buy now or you will be toad soup!

  • Eclipse - Good product

    Does what it clams. It's not harsh at all on your stomach. Well for me it's not and I have a sensitive stomach. Better then anything at the drug store that's for sure!

  • Dana Wilson - Great Product, without the side effects.

    This product is the perfect weight loss supplement for me. It works really well without the harmful side effects that other products tend to have. I have been using this product for about 3 weeks now and there was never a day that I felt nauseous or heavy. I really believe that it is safe and effective. To date I have lost 6 pounds but most of all, I feel wonderful. I've convinced my mother to take it too and so far she has lost 8 pounds and feels great! I've found that the Pure brand Garcinia seems to be the best bang for your buck. I'm buying more!!!