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  • Bobby Shornock - A great bundle, but the games come in cardboard sleeves.

    As the title to my review states, if you put your games in a binder to save space, this is a blessing, however if you are like me, and a case collector, you are out of luck.

    With that out of the way, the Playstation 3 has always been superior than the Xbox 360, because of the Blu-Ray player, however, they also have two great exclusive dual packs in Uncharted and Infamous. With this bundle, if you got it at the $200 Black Friday Price, you are easily saving $100. Even at $269, you are saving the price of one game.

    If you plan on becoming a hardcore gamer, or downloading most games digitally, you can upgrade the Hard Drive with most 2.5" drives, for casual gamers, 250GB will be plenty.

    Many people will be mixed about the new design, however, if you somehow get a yellow light of death, you can manually open the drive to get your disc out, without having to service your PS3, which is a feature the Playstation 2 had.

    Still only 2 USB ports, no ports in the rear(You would think they would get smart and include ONE for the Playstation Eye, and maybe an additional for a flash drive or an external hard drive.

  • Sina Rene Franques "Sina Franques" - Great price for this product.

    You can find this in drug stores but much more exspensive. I think everyone knows of its benefits and pricing is more resonable from Amazon.

  • Sandra Shaw - It's Kindle for us

    I got my first Kindle a few weeks ago, then my sister came and fell in love with it and we bought her one. Not to be left out, my husband wanted one, so, in 2 weeks we have purchased 3 of them. We all got the Kindle 3 and are very Happy with them.

    Very easy to use and download books. I hope as time goes on, books will get less expensive, but, there are many "free" and inexpensive ones to keep us all reading for quite awhile.

    We are 3 "Happy" Kindle owners.

  • Val Lee "Val Lee (Author of 'Cliques in the C... - Impressively Superior!!

    No other series of novels captures your heart like the Mitford series. They are the paramount of penned fiction on the market. You easily believe the characters, merciful Tim, uncivilized Dooley, and artistic Cynthia are totally real and so is their quaint charitable town. It is far superior to Mayberry! You will enchantingly sit down and open "At Home in Mitford" and believe you are a resident watching the animation of winsome daily life unfold.

    Due to his pastoral commitment, Timothy places you in captivating unfolding mysteries; making your spirit churn in anticipation of the next unraveling segment. It just takes this one book to hook you on the delectable bait of sequels.

    I live in Idaho, but was recently in North Carolina where I tried to depict amiable Mitford. You do want to believe it is real!

  • Drew "techno nut" - Great Product but...

    Norton Internet Security 2012 is a great product. The only problem is with the 3 PCs. If using that type you have to install on three units at the same time. I haven't had three computers before. My wife has a netbook and notebook, me a desk top. Since I take care of them, I figured that since the netbook's Norton I.S. 2011 expired in February I could use one of the three PC's Norton 2012. And as the others are coming to an end now in June, I would have a year's worth of protection by installing now. Nope, I only have the remaining 245 days. So buy for one-at-a-time or loose previous time by installing all three PCs now. If you don't download using the same product key from them too, changing the key on the new install you loose the remaining days. Since the price won't help buying singles. I paid $20 for the 3 PCs, but some prices are around $12 for one PC. Live and learn. One forced benefit is, now all three will expire at the same time.