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  • Jorge A. Garcia - Works great ! Found many uses for it!

    I am not sure why so many people are giving it bad reviews. One can only think that Gripo has a quality control problem, but that has not been my experience. I bought it at the local pharmacy fo r $11.99 + tax. Stuck it to the windshield and attached a heavy HTC phone to it. Voila' that's it. It does what it's supposed to do and the phone wasn't going anywhere. The suction cup holds well. The lock screws for the arm adjustment are adequate for the job, but I wouldn't go changing positions every day, since they don't seem to be vey sturdy.

    The length of the arm is plentiful for repositioning and for cars with highly pitched windshields (like a VW) extending away from the driver.


    Well, sticks too well and ended up popping the gripper from the mount ball a few times before I learned how to peel it away correctly.

  • Ethel fuller emf - Very Impressed!

    Very good product works just as good as any other tablet but it's just the right size for any were travel,Got it for my grandson and he feel like a big husband got a little. Jealous it just as nice as his and he has a Android tablet The resolution is beautiful.Great job Amazon with this product.

  • Gary P. Tanski "shadoe" - better than expected

    Looked a long time for the best value in a heating pad. This one exceeds my expectation. The dark, or soft, side is really soft. The controller is exceptional. It has four lights that mark about every 15 seconds that surround the heat control buttons. In about 1 minute this thing gets hot. You can also choose to have it on a 2 hour timer or a stay on override. Very valuable and missing from a lot of other heating pads. The controller switches are easy to use and have a positive feel. Again, lacking on most other heating pads. If this ever breaks, I'd replace it with the same one. One more thing, the heating increments go from 1 to 6. I usually only use setting 2 or 3. Anything higher gets really hot.