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  • Richard W. Deem - Another Great EditionFor many years, we have found this calendar under our Christmas tree and have enjoyed matching questions with answers across our breakfast table - and seeing who wins. This year we have included our daughter, who lives 3000 miles away, in the daily contests and have posted a scoresheet in a Google cloud. The best guesser will win some kind of prize at year end. Watch out, Ken Jennings, we are getting ready for you.
  • midnight821 - Best Drawing Program AroundAutodesk Sketchbook Pro is known to just about every artist and designer for its ease of use and productive qualities. Sketchbook Pro 2011 continues that trend. It's great for professionals, amateurs, and just about anyone with an itch to draw. Some of the enhancements for this edition include layer enhancements, additional custom brush tools, new image editing capabilities, and a new tool bar.

    Past versions of the software have always been fairly smooth and used system resources efficiently and 2011 is just as smooth. Coming from a past user perspective, it was very simple to get used to the newest version. But even first time users will take command of the software very quickly. Just about any age and any experience will catch on quick. Installation was also quick and painless. While I have used past versions, this was a new install on a Windows 7 machine with 4 GB of memory. Like I said, installation was painless and performance of the software was top notch. Use of a tablet or a Tablet PC obviously makes the software much more beneficial, but not required.

    The toolbars are very intuitive and the user interface feels like an artist put it together, which is one of the reasons it is so easy to learn and use. Most of the program's features just feel natural. In no time at all, your brush strokes feel very natural. There are certainly other competitors in this market, but few of them make it so pleasingly simple to get started drawing. Combine that with an excellent price point and you have a true winner.
  • Heather in North Carolina - Hey! What does Rick Steves say?I bought the 2013 right before an early December 2012 trip to Paris and it became the 'guidebook' of choice for our traveling group to Paris. Between the six of us, we had several different guidebooks but based on my previous history with Rick's books - I knew this is the one I wanted to have. It quickly became a 'joke' in our group to ask what Rick Steves had to say about where we were. The reference materials for getting around Paris were great (opening times, what was open on Monday, what was closed for 2013) but the tours within the books of the several museums and different neighborhoods were awesome. It helped us quickly get around the Louvre and help us find the little off the wall places (we had lunch at the cafe featured in Amelie thanks to this book). It also helped us figure out a few mistaken assumptions before we mis-spent valuable time getting to the wrong place. (Jim Morrison is not buried in Montmartre cemetery but Pere Lachaise cemetery.) Take this book with you!