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  • Anne Isabel Barbier "salad dressing entrepreneur" - Peace has returned to our home!

    The Total Transformation Program has been very positive for our family. Effective, objective parenting has replaced the previously frustrated, screaming matches of the past few years. We are not spinning our wheels anymore since we now have a "toolbox" of techniques that replaced our negative thinking and behavioral patterns. Our son really appreciated our efforts and made his own efforts to change his m.o. as well since he didn't know how to solve his problems either. Though every problem (excessive videos, homework) hasn't been completely solved yet, our relationship with our son is back on track. We had felt utterly hopeless before and feared for our son's future. Now,we tackle problems together and come up with solutions together.

  • Producer711 - It works! With a little more effort than described.

    The most important thing I can tell you about this product is it actually works!! I've had mole's removed via laser and the expense is huge. Though it totally removed the mole on the first visit Dermatend works too but requires a little more work. Dermatend worked great on smaller moles, but larger ones that have been around for a while took a few treatments, but again it works! The time and effort spent totally outweighs the doctors visit and $$$. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and to the point. Don't think you can get the job done faster by trying your own method. Thats what I did and it actually made the process slower. I will gladly recommend this to anyone looking to get rid of moles/skin tags etc...

  • robin wilson - Very inspiring

    I hate that this has happened to Elizabeth but to see her overcome such a tragedy is very inspiring. This book helped me to understand that life has its hardships but if we try our best to overcome those obstacles with the help of God, we can overcome anything. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing.

  • L. Stringer - As good as I'd hoped

    I couldn't wait to launch myself into the sequel to Divergent, and it proved to be as good as I was hoping it would be.
    I like a story when I can tell some things that are going to happen (which keeps my faith in certain characters) and when other things come as a shock. I experienced that while reading this book. It was the most enjoyable read I've had for some time.
    Now I've just got to wait for book three! :-(

  • Shelby K - Garcinia Really Works

    After watching Dr. Oz and seeing what an advocate he was for Garcinia Cambogia I decided I had to try it. I went into it a little skeptical as anyone would with all of the `Diet Crazes' that are popping up daily, but I must say that I am truly impressed with the results. Not only have a noticed a considerable decrease in my appetite, but I have also noticed a huge lack of sweet cravings. So far I have lost 4 inches in my midsection and 12 pounds, and this is only 4 weeks in. Once again Dr. Oz is spot on in his promotion of this product.