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  • Garrett Kowalewski - Durable, engaging - my 2 year old can use one effectively, and my 3 year old loves hers! Punishment is taken seriously now!My kids love these. My son could use his at just barely over 2 years old, and my daughter is 3. If you buy a game, show, etc. you get to sync it with multiple devices. These are durable too. My kids understand the concept of batteries and conserving energy, since a red screen warns you when the battery is low. It's educational, teaches them how to interact with computers/smart phone type devices and I am glad I got them. I was afraid that we were spoiling them getting our kids basically a game system, but the programs are educational and my daughter shows ME how to use it. I'm surprised at what she's learned. Tracing numbers, letters, counting, and a lot more. Good buy, and don't worry. It's not like getting them a cell phone at the age of 8. That would just be wrong. This is educational and entertaining.
  • Plantation Jeanne - A MiracleIf you're reading this it's probably because you have been diagnosed with some form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Crohn's or UC in my case the disease is indeterminate. After 5 years of trying all medications with the exception of Remicade my case was spiraling downhill. The only thing that would help my continuous intestinal bleeding was ever increasing steriods, Entocort and Prednisone. After getting pancreatitis for the second time from Immuran I decided to try the diet since I had nothing to lose. Within two days my bleeding stopped and hasn't returned. I had a colonoscopy two months ago and the doctor was very surprised with my quiescent disease, no active inflammation. I wouldn't go off the diet today if someone offered me $10,000 to do so.

    The diet seems very overwhelming when you first read the book. I enlisted the help of my mother in baking me one SCD item a week. I've found if she makes a loaf of the SCD bread this really helps me get through with legal pizzas and toast. I've found a lot of convenience foods that work well for me too like raisins and dried apples. Good luck and give it a go!

    In summary this diet had helped me more than any medication or doctor in the last 7 months.
  • Hobadoa - Binder claim is BSRomney made up the story about binders. He never asked for them.... they were foisted upon him. How else would you explain his inability to think of any qualified women from all his years in "business?"

    See: dub dub dub dot dailykos com/story/2012/10/17/1145627/-About-Mitt-Romney-s-binders-full-of-women-Guess-what-It-s-BS