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  • ThatTommyGuy - Best PPV of 2011This is without a doudt the best PPV of 2011, and if 2 matches had of been better I would say it's one of the best WWE shows of all time.

    Smackdown Money in the Bank match 4 stars.
    Kane vs. Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes.
    Great match, and the better of the two Money in the Bank matches. There are some nice high spots from Sin Cara and Gabriel, some power displays by Kane, Barrett and Sheamus, but Bryan steals the show and gets the win. Highlights Sheamus power bombs Sin Cara though a ladder.

    WWE Divas champinship match Kelly Kelly Vs. Brie Bella 1 and 1/2 stars.
    I am just not a fan of the Divas. They all look good but only a few can wrestle (Beth Pheonex and Natalia come to mind). This match is proof positive for that. Kelly Kelly gets the win.

    Big Show vs. Mark Henry 2 stars
    This is your typical big man match, I was surprised that it was as good as it was. Henrey gets the win and after the match adds Big Show to the Hall of Pain.

    Raw Money in the Bank match Rey Mysterio vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Alex Riley vs. Even Brourne vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. R-truth vs Jack Swagger.
    Good match but not as good as the Smackdown match, even though this one has more stars. the highlight of the match is when Miz take a nasty fall off the ladder goes to the back, then comes back and almost wins the thing. Del Rio gets the win, which everyone saw coming.

    WHC Title match Randy Orton (C) vs. Christian 2 and 1/2 stars
    I want it known that Christian is one of my favorites in the WWE right today. However this match could have been better. It does it's job of setting up another match at the next PPV, and whats here is good, but this match is not as good as some of their other matches of this year.

    WWE title match John Cena (C) vs. CM Punk 5 stars (more if I did not rate matches on a scale of 1-5).
    And this is the reason you should stop reading this and press the "add to cart" button right now. This is without a dought the best match of the year, and I think it's one of the best of all time (and I have been a WWE fan sence I was 4 years old). The crowd is very anti Cena sence we are in Punks home town.
    The story line in this match hits on a lot of peoples problems with the current WWE. CM Punk said some things that are true about WWE, and he says if he wins he is leaving with the WWE title.
    The match gose on for more the a half an hour, with a nice back and forth pace. The end where Punk hits Cena with the GTS is enough to get any Wrestling fan to cheer, then he walks out. INSTANT CLASSIC!
  • j eaves - Works if you do it as explainedI live by this book now and it has changed my life forever. I had to change up the two protein heavy days by putting in some brown rice, even if just a little. My friend experienced terrible side effects on those days. A body builder told me that is how he eats and occasionally he has to put in some carbs to keep from being really tired, crabby and (for my part) confused. My thinking and response time was slower on those days. I was starving each time it was time to eat. My doctor changed it up for me, as I have been losing the amount shown and am in my second time through the process. It took off belly fat for me the first time through. I feel much better. Not having any bread is very hard at times but seems to be good for me. I read wheatbelly and grainbrain and think there isn't anything healthy about bread these days.
  • Josh Mills "reverser23" - Adventures in seductionThe Stylelife Diaries, the black book, is so far my favorite pick-up related book. I'm glad that someone finally showed that you don't just get good or bad results from pick-up, sometimes you get unpredictable and amazing results. Its not just about getting the girl or not getting the girl, its about the experience and the adventure. After reading The Game, I thought Neil would be someone good to learn from and someone useful to hang out with simply because you would have more girls in and around your life as a result. The Stylelife Diaries convinced me that Neil would probably be someone fun to hang out with, regardless of the women. He has an appreciation for adventure and ridiculousness that I didn't see coming. This was probably the funniest nonfiction book I have ever read. If you enjoyed The Stylelife Diaries, read Booty Nomad, by Scott Mebus. Both of these books are about women, adventures, and will make you laugh out loud in public places.
  • Usuallee - vitriolic, cynical, self-righteous...and oh, yeah, brilliant!This is really only for the most dedicated and thick skinned of Floyd fans or music fans in general. It's pretty bleak stuff. Yet, it draws you in because it is such brilliantly composed music, and there is some melody in there. Pigs, with its sinewy, stop-start basslines, even has an ever so slight funk/disco vibe to it. The surging Sheep approaches metal with its hard relentless attack. The soundscapes created on this album are cold and surreal yet utterly mesmerizing. As far as sound quality, it is flawless and has held up well with age, although it's almost 30 years old you will not find a much better sounding audio recording today. Listening to this album is a truly one of a kind experience, it is challenging yet extemely rewarding.
  • Samantha Cortez - Awesome book!Before this book, I LOVED fast food! This book helped me to realize what I was really putting into my body. Now I think of fast food as poison. I do still like restuarants and this book helps me to find the best and heathiest choice. Sometimes a choice seems healthy, like a salad, but when they put all the extra oil on it, your better off getting that cheeseburger that you really want. That's what this book teaches you. Amazing!