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  • Arun Neupane - Good GPS unitThis is the very separate gps unit I have ever purchased apart from my phone GPS and google maps; so far, it has exceeded my expectations. I purchased this GPS unit because I was relocating to a new place and thought that it would be useful. I also use it to go to many new places while I travel, and so far have only found couple of errors, which I think is minimal. I recommend this unit for everyone.
  • Sonya - Works WondersOrajel cold sore medicine works wonders. I was very skeptical and have tried others that really did not do a whole lot. Orajel immediately went to work and stopped the stinging sensation and the cold sole never erupted!"I received a free sample of New Orajel(tm) Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment from Smiley360.
  • Sparky52t - It does what it promisesI've been a Norton Internet Security user for many versions and I've seen it evolve from a fairly simple utility to a rather bloated tool in the past. I'm happy to say this version is a trim, efficient, yet comprehensive tool for managing all the nasty stuff that's out there trying to take control of your PC and do bad things.

    For those who want a program that requires modest resources and runs confidently in the background this is it. For those who like to customize levels of protection for various parts of Windows and the apps it runs, this program is for you too.

    My only true complaint is the nag messages that begin to appear a month before your subscription runs out. They are intrusive and Norton offers no way to turn them off other than renewing your subscription for a rather hefty fee. Do yourself a favor and run to Amazon for a software download at a much more reasonable price as soon as those messages appear.