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  • Auskan "Auskan" - External Back ups made easyIf my computer died, I'd be in a world of hurt as it contains my contacts, financial data, photos and many other important files. Backing up is essential and this drive made it easy. The idea is to periodically back up anything I can't afford to lose to the drive, and then store it in a safe location away from the house so that in the event of fire or theft, I can retrieve my data.

    Overall this is very fast and very quiet. When doing backups, the drive is warm but not too hot, as it seems to have ample ventilation holes on the bottom and on the back of its case. Installation is easy via USB, and the 2TB storage is ample to store my data - even with a lot of high quality digital images.
  • P. W. M. - This helped me with Irritable Bowel SyndromeI have acid reflux, and while on vacation in 2010, I started eatings 5 or 6 tums before bedtime. I believe that I upset the acid balance in my stomach enough that it allowed an undesirable strain of bacteria to flourish in my intestines. Of course it could just be a coincidence, but I never had IBS before. The doctors gave me medicine to stop the pain and quivering sensations in my right lower abdomen, but I credit the diet recommended in this book for getting my intestinal flora back to normal. I don't take any medicine for IBS now. It noticed a difference in 3 weeks after following diet advice mentioned in this book, but you must follow the advice and not cheat! Avoiding the white stuff, like sugar and flour definitely helped me! My IBS would keep me up at night with abdominal pains, but is gone now. I stayed on the diet strictly for about 6 months and then gradually introduced some of the sugars and flours back into my diet. I eat a normal diet now, but I still try to limit sugars and flour when I can.