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  • Angelo Dibernardo - Next gen gaming does not disappoint!After hearing of all the launch problems online, I was surprised at all the backlash when I turned tis console on and started gaming away. I have had absolutely no problems and have updated all software. The graphics and speed is unreal, as advertised and as expected. Looking forward to more game releases in future. Current games have not yet unlocked the potential of this unit. Purchased Call of Duty and Fifa with it...blowing me away every time. Look forward to playing every day.
  • D. Beal - Atkins Diet is not for everyoneI am a self professed expert regarding Dr. Robert Atkins. With this in mind, I would like to express my concerns regarding "the masses" skimming through this book to get to the "how to" part. Dr. Atkins' states clearly in the book that certain tests (blood chemistries, glucose tolerence, blood pressure and other monitoring tests) should be taken prior to entering into the Induction Phase of the diet. After atleast two weeks, the above tests should be taken again. Additionally, if medication is being taken, (i.e- high blood pressure or any blood sugar altering meds) the Atkins' Diet has a profound effect and therefor only a physician can regulate your medication. The diet will give most people positive results, but it is not for everyone. Seek out a physician whose eyes aren't closed to the truth about the eating pyramid. Daily dosages of vita-nutrients are required and make all the difference in the world.
  • K. wilson "forkdude52" - Great show but had a problemLoved both discs and did not have all the video noise on my blu-ray BUT i could not get it to play with the DTS sound.It wouldn't play when you pressed surround it just froze on both discs.I just pressed play finally just to watch it before i send it back.Loved the show and can't wait to hear it like it should be.Hope no one else has this problem
  • Mom of 5 - This machine ROCKS!!!Living in Italy we would always hear how American coffee tasted like 'dirty water.' We never truly 'got' that until now. Before this machine, even though Italian coffee was fantastic tasting, we still thought our American coffee tasted pretty good. Um...no. Regular coffee is completely ruined for us now, and we may as well give away our coffee maker. This machine is the absolute BOMB! Seriously, cappuccinos and lattes never tasted so good. Just make sure to get a good quality espresso roast. We like Gevalia. Oh, and make sure to use a couple of splashes of vanilla extract for the taste of perfection. For the chocolate lover, just add a packet of hot chocolate mix to the carafe when making a double (half packet for the single serving). I'd give this machine 10 stars if I could! You are gonna LOVE it!