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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • ProperGander News (Dr. Emil Shuffhausen) - Hey you ... can you help me?It has been said that anger and rage are often rooted in fear and hurt. If so, Roger Waters has experienced several lifetimes' worth of terror and pain, as evidenced by his searing lyrics and vocals on THE WALL. In every regard, this is an epic, serious work of operatic or Shakespearian proportions.

    Yet, it is also strangely cathartic and healing, and contains many moments of mysterious beauty and melody. The alternating fury and reverie certainly set the template for things to come later with bands such as Radiohead and Coldplay.

    A deeply personal work, THE WALL tells us a lot about the boyhood life of Roger Waters and millions of others like him growing up fatherless after the tragedy of WWII. Such an experience shaped the UK and Europe in far greater ways than we can imagine. "The Happiest Days of Our Lives" and the "Another Brick in the Wall" paint a picture of horror for British schoolboys, while the stifling "Mother" and "Empty Spaces" range between saccharine and menace.

    "Run Like Hell" packs a mighty wallop...it's almost like a mob hit song set to a dance beat. And, there's the dreamy/nightmarish "Comfortably Numb" with its peerless guitar solo from David Gilmour, which ranks near the top of the greatest FM songs of all time. Another classic is "Hey You," which is a painfully raw and honest plea for help, set amidst lush harmonies and acoustic guitar washes.

    Producer Bob Ezrin pulls out all of the stops here, with strings, choirs, sound effects, and all manner of instrumentation held in delicate tension...thundering one moment, whispering the next. The band plays, yet there is a sense of isolation amongst the players. This was both purposeful and, ultimately, devastating to the band itself. But that's another story.

    In the meantime, it seems that half the free world owns a copy of THE WALL in some form or fashion. It's a telling and often brutal look at the human condition and human nature, set to some of the most powerful music made in the Classic Rock era.
  • LT73 - The Haters' bias has certainly clouded good judgement...The Haters' vision has certainly clouded good judgement. This OS it not only beautiful, it is incredibly easy to use, versatile, and fun. There. I said it. Bring on the "fanbois" comments. I have big shoulders. I have been in the IT industry for 14 years. I have been building computers for 20 years. I own Apple products (Macbook Air, 21" iMac, iPhone, iPad, etc.). None of my Apple products hold a candle to Windows 8. None. Period. Windows 8 offers the best of two worlds: Tablet mode which I want when I am consuming/playing (i.e. Surfing the net, playing games, social media etc.) and desktop mode when I want to get something done(i.e. Work on a spreadsheet, Word document, Organize files/folders, etc.). I probably should not be surprised to see all the haters taking shots at Micro$soft - After all, they are an easy target. That said, it's difficult to argue against what Microsoft has delivered here. I give this product a 9.8/10. I would have given them a 9.9, but I had to create my own Shutdown button in the task bar.
  • N. Stoebick "The King" - Tuscan whole milk hath destroyed ZeusTo my amazement, when walking through Attiko Metro one beautiful spring afternoon, I witnessed perfection for the first time in my extensive stay here on Earth. As I walked along the splendid metro listening to Sondra Radvanovsky on my iPod, I witnessed a passing hawker carrying delicate dairy delights on his way to Kabul. As I squinted my eyes and focused in on the striking street vendor valiantly speeding by, I observed an expertly veiled parcel tucked between his arm and torso. It sparkled with a splendid light which seemed to manipulate the matter around it. As I glanced at the beautiful spectacle, I noticed a few words written on what appeared to be a white plastic jug: "Tuscan Whole Milk". I stared, unwavering and never once breaking stride or averting my eyes away from this astounding milky miracle. As I stared intently upon the magical jug, I mistakenly walked into traffic and was struck by a passing Volvo Penta traveling at 97.5 km/h. I was immediately knocked into a coma, but luckily the hawker had observed the altercation and hastily sped to my rescue. Upon reaching my mangled, comatose-induced corpse, the Afghan salesman proceeded to pour a single drop of the miracle liquid directly onto my tongue. As soon as the droplet collided with my tongue, I saw angels flying, a leopard wrestling a Chinese midget, as well as a sweaty Middle-Eastern man holding a glorious Tuscan Whole Milk jug straddle his aluminum horse and continue on his way into the dense Greek metro. From that day forward, I would sip only a single creamy beverage; Tuscan Whole Milk. Now I must go spar with Chuck Norris in an alternate universe where we swim in mystical lakes of Tuscan Whole Milk chilled to a perfect 44 Fahrenheit.
  • Nicholas - Pretty awesomeSo to start, I went into this very expecting, and despite the reviews, i was not let down. Yes, it took me some getting used to, not having Start menu. But when i recently realized that you can group your icons in Metro, and name them, the "organization freak" inside of me exploded. I have been using it much more now. As i have 3 monitors and utilize eyefinity, its beautiful and looks great going across all 3. Also, with multiple monitors, it is much improved, and have much more compatibility. My only complaints are Driver issues. My saitek gaming keyboard refuses to work(saitek's fault, mainly, as they are taking forever in releasing a driver compatible). Also, Punkbuster is taking FOREVER, and i cant play a few games. Overall, well worth it!(:
  • Sandra Wheeler - Works GreatI'm ordering my second one because of a leak. Our dog likes to use it when I'm not in bed! We use a foam mattress that gets warm. When I turned the pillow it was never cool and I didn't sleep well. I put my pillow on top of the Chillow; it's too cold to lay on directly. When I flip my pillow it is cold and it only takes seconds; I sleep so much better!