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  • Randy Garsee - An InterReview by Randy[Note: Randy Garsee is a broadcast journalist in Tucson, Arizona and frequently interviews authors.] The True Story Behind
    "The Water and the Blood."
    You might say "The Water and the Blood," Nancy E. Turner's second novel rose from the ashes of an actual event in her hometown of Tucson, Arizona.
    "There was a time when I belonged to a church that had been burned down while I was a member of it," said Turner. "And I remember just how devastated I felt."
    Turner is referring to a church fire in 1996 when the First Southern Baptist Church, a Tucson landmark, was torched by an arsonist.
    Turner's novel begins with a church fire, but the story is set in the 1940's and the church is in east Texas, not Tucson.
    The reader will discover an intermittent theme of racism in this novel, but possibly not in the context one is used to seeing it.
    Turner spent several weeks in East Texas researching her book and most of that time was spent in Jasper, Texas. Jasper attracted national attention after an African-American man named James Byrd was chained to the back of a pickup and dragged to his death. Three white supremacists were convicted of Byrd's murder.
    "Interviewing people and trying to go back into that time and be accurate and yet not be brutal was really tough," said Turner, who talked to people in Jasper about racism. "What I found was that if you just spoke to them, they were all friendly. It didn't matter what color or shape or size or anything. I didn't have any preconceptions of what it would be like. Having spent most of my life in Arizona and California, that kind of racism is so foreign to me that I felt like it was kind of a mystic thing. It was almost like something I was trying to understand from either side. And so I think there's a lot of that in this book, too. These lines have been drawn and they've been there for so long, that I just had never been exposed to in that way. You hear things growing up, but it's not like living it."
    The main character in the novel is a girl named Frosty. Turner said of Frosty, "I wanted a main character who was so nave to wickedness that she really didn't even see it around her. She can look at people's hearts and not their skin color."
    The other main character is Gordon, a Navajo Code Talker. His story takes the novel into battles of World War II. For the descriptions of war, she gives credit to her grandmother's brother, a U.S. Marine.
    "The descriptions that he gave," said Turner. "He said, `You know, I came up through the tide pools and bodies washed back and forth like minnows in a bucket.'"
    Turner received some critical praise for her first book, "These is my Words."
    "The Water and the Blood" with its wonderful prose and amazing characters should launch Turner into the national spotlight of modern day writers.
  • Courtney - Right for meIntelligender told me I was having a boy at about 15 weeks, and the doctor confirmed at the 20 week ultrasound. It was right for me. We also did the gendermaker test, and it said girl.
  • Kim Chase - It IS better than the generic....Been using the Sally's generic version of Wen for years. Finally broke down & bought the "real" stuff. Way better.
    The old stuff will do if your hair is in good condition. Mine is a wreck! Old, gray, falling out and color treated. So the
    Wen DID make a difference as far as softness, easing the texture, and shine. I'm now a "Wen girl" by virtue of having
    really bad hair to begin with. Hope this helps someone.
  • Gramps - Living Cookbook upgrade is very goodHave used Living Cookbook 2008 for years and have made a cookbook for my wife of over 1600 recipes that I have imputed. Copying and pasting is so easy that it takes very little time. Being able to store recipes in categories and sub-categories makes the recipes very easy to find. I highly recommend Living Cookbook.
  • navywife - Very happy with this stroller!My daughter is almost four months old now and we use this stroller almost every day. I did a lot of research before deciding on this stroller and I could not be happier with my choice. I LOVE the versatility of the stroller. Switching back and forth between the attachments and folding the stroller down is extremely easy and quick.

    We have used the bassinet quite a bit for our daily walks in the neighborhood. My daughter loves napping while we stroll and the UV hood protects her from the sun. She has also slept in the bassinet at night when we've been on trips and it has worked really well for that too. My only complaint about the bassinet is that the UV hood doesn't completely cover the baby, so we end up having to drape a blanket over the hood to make sure all the sun is blocked. Otherwise, though, we could not be happier with the bassinet and I would tell anyone looking for a stroller for a newborn that the bassinet is a must-have. If Uppababy can find a way to collapse the stroller with the bassinet attached, they will really have out done themselves.

    We also decided to purchase the attachment so that we can snap our Chicco car seat into the stroller. For the extra $30 or so that it costs to get this attachment, I would recommend to to everyone. It makes getting her in and out of the car so much easier than if we had to unstrap her from the car seat and strap her into the stroller, especially when she's sleeping. Can't say enough how great it is to have this option. My sister has the same stroller but opted for a convertible car seat for her son. Once she saw how easy it was for us to snap our car seat into the stroller, she decided to go out and get the Chicco car seat too.

    Now that my daughter is out of the newborn phase, we still use the bassinet some, but we also use the toddler seat for her. She really enjoys looking around at everything and this seat gives her the perfect perspective to do so. The versatility of this seat is great. We can lean it back for her so she can look up at the sky or sit it forward so she can look at us. It can also be attached to the stroller facing forward or facing backward which is really nice.

    I have been very happy with the basket under the stroller as well. While its not as accessible when you have the bassinet attachment on, I usually need the basket space when we are out and have the car seat attached. With the car seat attached, the basket is huge and I can do all of my grocery shopping using the stroller basket, rather than getting a cart.

    One thing the stroller is missing is a drink holder so I would recommend buying this accessory to add to it. If you use the stroller as much as we do, you will definitely want a place to put your water/coffee/etc.

    To be clear, though, this stroller is not a compact stroller. It fits easily in the back of my sedan and my SUV, but the wheels on the back are somewhat wide set which makes getting around small spaces challenging. It works fine for me in the grocery store and at Target, but I've noticed at the mall that the wheels are too wide to get through some stores. We also live in a small apartment and weaving it through the furniture can be annoying sometimes.

    Overall, this stroller is amazing. I've used my friends' strollers of different brands and find the Uppababy Vista to be higher quality, to be more versatile and to give a smoother ride. As I said, I have used this stroller almost every day since my daughter was born and it has been a great accessory!