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  • Edwin Rivera - Elizabeth Smart You are an inspiration of courage and grace!I have not read a book in several years that is unrelated to my work. I am in science. You interview with Terry Gross on NPR was absolutely the key for reading more about this courageous girl, now a women. The book is an amazing recount of what happens went evil reach the planet. Reading some of the chapters creates a knob in my stomach. I hesitate for a moment before I continue reading. I say to myself " this is something I must do for Elizabeth Smart because she wanted us to know that there is hope when we face the abysm.

    The incredible love that she received from her parents and her religious faith was part of her inspiration that kept her alive. I am not much of a religious believer but her story have in a way restore my faith. It open my believe that one must have a relationship with God. Being a father for the first time of a 19 month old toddler, I want to protect him more than ever from the evils of this world. As a result I love my kid more each day. I want to make sure he knows that no matter where he is, I love him.

    The book is elegantly written though I am no literature expert. The details of what was in Elizabeth mind during the 9 month in the hands of evil is an inspiration to me who sometimes complaint about silly things in life. I was not looking for an answer to the question " What life is all about?" but by reading the book I have found some additional meaning to my life, some reconnection to my soul, unfortunately by the suffering and pain endured by Elizabeth in the hands of her capturers. I thank Elizabeth Smart for sharing this so intimate experience with the word and hope that her life if full of blessings. Not a many of people get to tell or even have the courage to write their story. I hope this is not the only part of her story she gets to write about.

    I strongly recommend this book to all parents.

  • Flygirl - WE LOVED IT BIG TIME!!! (planning to buy more!)While I truly appreciate the heads up (regarding the company and credit cards), I am going to tell you what I think of the product as the wife of a husband who just tried ONE tablet! I don't think a guy can get these results with this tablet alone but I'm glad my guy of 23 yrs did not take 3! Reason being, is that he also uses pboost and while the two products can get really pricey, ONE tablet of this and one tablet of pboost made him like a rock star in the bed last night AND this morning! God as my witness! No one is paying me (wish they were) but these are the results we got! First time out of the gate! I'm 53 and my guy is 49 and he made me feel like we were both in our 20s!!! We did not do it like THAT when we met (I just turned 30, he was 26 and we were both active duty Air Force in Germany back in 1990)! So, that's my advice; I will look into the card thing (hubby got a free sample and just paid for shipping and canceled only because we did not want additional charges to the card); but I would GLADLY pay for this product (with the boost); I can barely get over how AWESOME It was for us around 1:30 this morning and AGAIN around 5:30/6a.m.!!! Can hardly wait until the next round!!!! Serious; try the two together and I doubt you'll be disappointed! Really, one or both of the companies should payment for this endorsement but it's the truth!
  • Justino Sparticus - Scientific Analysis of Wolf ShirtI purchased this shirt out of curiosity. I wasn't sure what to think of it at first; it felt very nice to wear, but it just didn't feel like my other cotton garments. Upon conducting an analysis of the fibers, I discovered a composite nanotube structure with a magnesium-tungsten alloy shell filled with a core of pure selenium atoms. The fiber is woven into a geometric pattern that is identical to that of the dream catchers made by the early Native Americans. I theorize that this unique arrangement of the material acts as a spiritual antenna designed to attract and concentrate wolf spirits (just like the architecture of Dana Barrett's apartment building in the movie Ghostbusters). This would clearly explain the increased levels of biologically available testosterone in my bloodstream, unmatched libido, superlative muscular strength, charisma, charm, confidence, and desire to switch to an all meat diet. I have also been attracting alpha females and successfully mating with them; I have a dinner date this evening with Oprah. My pet dog (a Boston Terrier), senses the wolf leader in me and follows me wherever I go and carries out all my wolf directives. In the last 17 days, his testicles have grown back and he has fathered exactly 29 children. For what it's worth, the price is very reasonable. It also matches everything in my wardrobe and rarely needs cleaning. Washes well with whites and is bleach resistant.
  • D. Haines "D. Haines" - Excellent GuideI purchased this prior to our upcoming ALCAN drive, and it seems to be an excellent guide. A lot of the area's up in the Yukon do not have internet websites etc, and it can become difficult to find lodging etc, but this guide lays it all out for you, and gives you options on what routes to drive etc. I cannot imagine driving the ALCAN without this guide!
  • A. Fernandez "Gator of the lake" - Best Thing Ever!!I have always had sweat issues and because of it, it made a difference in the clothes I buy. I saw Sweat Block on tv and got my first order over a year ago. I have been buying ever since. The once a week application works for me. I now can buy all kinds of materials and colors for tops and not afraid of a big sweat mark. This is especially important since I am in sales. I highly recommend this product to anyone that has sweat problems!!!