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  • Debra E Geard - More than meets expectationsHaving had experience with Bose products previously I knew I was buying a good product, but has exceeded my expectations for sound quality and clarity. Have been waiting along time for a single speaker surround sound system as I don't like speakers all around the room as well as the wiring, so this meets my need perfectly.
  • Deborah DeRight - Love itThis is a great item. My grand kids play games and read books for hours. I don't see how anyone can not like the kindle. I have just purchased another one so the kids can each have one. The free books in the kindle buffet is a wonderful added bonus. I purchased a inexpensive tablet for my oldest granddaughter to find out it was junk. Button were hard to press and to find apps is a nightmare. She will be getting a kindle and disposing of the other junk.
  • Judy Troy - Excellent, for Readers and Writers and TeachersThis anthology does the work for you, and, if you're a teacher, for your students as well. Laura Furman, a fine writer herself, chooses the best of the best. As a reader and teacher, I have relied on The PEN/O. Henry Prize Stories for twenty years. As a writer, I was lucky enough to have been included in one. If anything feels better than to be valued by your peers, I haven't found it yet.

    This is the only anthology for which an editor reads EVERY published story.
    Democracy in action! You'll discover writers you wouldn't have known about otherwise. This anthology is only about the writing. It's a breath of freedom.
  • Kimberly Y. - A return to the more enigmatic Pendergast, of old.4.5 stars.

    This story seemed--to me--a refreshing change back to the "old-style" Pendergast. His character seemed to regain much of his beloved "superiority" and unerring instincts that were sadly lacking from some previous books. Although I'm not a fan of Corrie Swanson (with the exception of her debut in STILL LIFE WITH CROWS), her character didn't bother me quite as much or "detract" unnecessarily from the overall narrative.

    Also pleasant to note was that this was a stand-alone novel, and not the start of yet another trilogy. I really enjoy most of the Preston/Child novels, and hope that the authors continue to develop Pendergast's character as the enigmatic force that he started out as, through additional non-series novels.

  • Julian Owens "Th3 J4ckl3" - Made by men! Meant for women!Made by men to keep women away from our nice expensive shiny 14k gold cross pens. Where were these when I was in high school This would have seriously been my babe magnet in the 80s. Only one problem though. They came with a cap which of course will have to be remove by a guy before she can use it.