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  • Gabriel - God's Kingdom vs. The American Dream

    From 2001 to 2004 I served at Teen Mania Ministries in Garden Valley, TX. It was here that I was first exposed to the kind of teaching that David Platt shares in his book Radical. Back then, I was reading books like Passion for the Heart of God by John Willis Zumwalt, The Missions Addiction by David Shibley, and Let The Nations Be Glad by John Piper. Like others before him, Platt's calls Christians back to a devotion to Jesus and his Kingdom over and above a devotion to our cultural and comfortable American religion. Platt keeps the book gospel centered while he weaves together the Biblical basis for his arguments and the narrative examples of missional living in the lives of everyday believers.

    In reading Radical, I was reminded that God has a Global story that He has invited His Church into: a rescue mission among every tribe, tongue, and language. Being a disciple of Jesus is about becoming like Him and representing Him and His gospel among the poor and the rich, among the diverse cities and the secluded villages, and in areas deemed safe and areas deemed dangerous.

    I would recommend this book to any Christian who wants to live a life that proclaims and displays the Gospel, advances Christ's Kingdom, and brings Glory to God. Platt's book will encourage you, challenge you, and equip you to live radically for God.

    ***Thank You Waterbrook Multnomah for a free copy of this book to read.

  • k killinger - HOLY COW!!!!

    I have struggled from cold sores since I was 10, getting made fun of for them, being made to feel self consious stressing even worse about them to the point of tears. I've tried natural remedies, countless numbers of topical treatments and this one by far is OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING!!! I had a cold sore about two weeks ago when I got sick and I didnt catch it in time for proper treatment and everything I used seemed to make it worse... abreva helped my already formed cold sore to heal quicker but $20 for a tiny tube and it still took a week and a half to heal. I ordered this product and decided to keep it around for the next one that decided to lurk it way up to the surface. Well this morning around 2 am I started to feel that annoying tingling warning sign saying "I'm getting ready to make your life hell for a week" and as soon as I could get to my medicine cabinet I used the treatment. almost twelve hours later what started out as a small cold sore about the size of a zit is now GONE!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO worth it i have never experienced a better relief and treatment!!!

  • Gordon L. Macwilliam - Great product

    I have had this for about one month now. I purchased it because one of my ATT handsets would only work on speaker phone and I was also looking for call blocking capability. This phone blocks up to 250 numbers, which is great. I only wish that it would accept wild cards for telemarketers that have multiple numbers with the same area code and exchange. I learned my lesson and purchased this package which has two more handsets than I need. That way, when the handsets fail I will have cheap replacement units or batteries. There is no way that you could replace handsets at the price differential between the smaller packages and this one.

  • bellavs84 - No more morning drive-thru!

    As someone who goes to the Starbucks drive-thru every morning before work to grab a latte, I was skeptical about if anything I could make at home could match up to the quality of what I was used to. But since I was spending at least $5 a day for coffee, I decided to purchase this machine and give it a shot. I am glad that I did! I received it last night, so this morning was my first at-home latte.
    The directions were very simple to follow - just a few steps - and with the recipe book that comes with the machine, I was able to easily create a beverage comparable to what I had been purchasing before...complete with foam that lasted through the entire time it took me to finish drinking the latte.
    The only thing I wish I could change about this machine is that I wish it came in stainless to match the rest of my kitchen -- but for the price and quality of this machine, I can definitely deal with the black finish. It looks sleek on the counter top, and I can tell it's going to save me a bundle! Very happy with this purchase.

  • M. Oliver - Best juicer/blender ever

    I won't reiterate all of the positives I read here when I decided to purchase the nutribullet based on my brother's recommendation mainly (both of us had used and owned Ninja's). However, I will add my enthusiasm for the product-SMOOTH smoothies as opposed to grit and chunks with the Ninja (it is still good for some things-just not pulverizing carrots and nuts). I will add that I have pushed the liquid limit mark and have never had a leak. I have basically filled the cup so that I have to PUSH down on the blade cap to get it ready for the base (to pulverize). I am mentioning the liquid issue since there were many comments about that issue.