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  • dklingen - From Quicken 2009 to 2011 (too many bad reviews of 2012)So, once again Quicken forces me to upgrade my Quicken software in order to maintain being able to download financial data from the internet (banks, credit cards, etc...) The 1st time this happened was going from 2006 to 2009. Some crazy concept about cycling (translated to disabling) download support every 3 or 4 years. Anyhow, I really liked Quicken 2009 and didn't want to change. For reasons unknown Quicken destroyed (or hid) the Forecasting in versions after 2009. From reading MANY really poor reviews I chose to skip 2012 and instead buy 2011. It turned out you can get to Forecasting in 2011 by going to the "Income vs Expenses" report under "Options" select the "Forecast my income and expenses" and viola. Overall 2011 has worked out fine with no issues and I am happy with it! I am also dreading that the next 3/4 year upgrade (2015) is going to be the straw that breaks the camels back (the point at which Quicken no longer does what I need it to do). If only Quicken would leave well enough alone and quits making "improvements" which break beloved features...
  • cakebaker4hire "Rachel Daniel-Scott" - LOVE, LOVE,LOVEI love my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. It was love at first open!!!! Its sleek,and light, and the screen is so crystal clear. I am still learning my way around it,but so far I love everything about it. And my favorite feature so far is the one touch "screen shot" . This is my first tablet and I have a Samsung galaxy S3 phone and they sync together. My calendar and contacts on my phone are available on my tablet... its awesome !!!
  • Natalie Monson "Natalie Monson" - Great Customer Service, Great ProductI purchased this monitor for our third child as all of the other video monitors we have purchased (one for each of the previous children) broke. On the old monitors it was always the monitor device that broke and not the camera, so I like that this doesn't even have a monitor device, we just use our iPhones & iPad. The camera is very sturdy and works great. The picture is great quality, and the sound is good enough for a baby monitor. I read some reviews that the sound quality was not great on this monitor, and I think as long as you aren't expecting to be able to listen to music from your baby's room on your phone and have it be the same quality as in the room you probably won't be disappointed in the sound quality. I did have to pay for the app to use this on my phone, but it was only $13 and covers all of our Apple devices. I just factored that into the cost of buying the camera.

    I was initially able to get the monitor to work as long as our devices were connected to our home network but couldn't figure out the technicalities of getting it set up to work outside of our home network. I filled out the customer service request form on Wifi Baby's site and was able to schedule a service appointment with Gary from Wifi Baby the same day. He did a screen share and got everything set up perfectly for me. It was an awesome customer service experience. It really is very technical to set up the out of network viewing, so it was nice to have Gary just take over my computer and set it up for me. I'm not tech savvy and trying to follow the instructions for the set up over the phone would have been very difficult. I was really worried about not being able to get this to work based on other reviews, but it all works great after having customer service set it up for me. Overall I really like this product, and the customer service at Wifi Baby is awesome!
  • Ralph - Nokia Lumia 920 - One Great Phone!I bought the Lumia 920 from AT&T. I was replacing an HTC EVO Android smartphone. I love the Lumia 920. It has a beautiful design, feels solid (and is solid,,,I dropped it on the concrete and not a scratch on gorilla glass and still works!!). The camera with Pureview is the best I have seen. The phone is so intuitive to use and Windows Phone 8 operating system is integrated and flows with all apps...I like WP8 OS much better than Android. Android was much more complicated to use. Nokia also has an "offline" Maps feature which allows you to use GPS offline for driving or walking etc,,,and not use any data whatsoever. It also has a powerful Bing language translator (with many language packs) which can also be used offline. I love my Nokia 920!!