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  • D. Williamson - Pussies crave it !!We operate a large kitten farm in Texas, providing thousands of domestic felines for release into urban areas each month. We rely on the freshness of Tuscan Milk, as our kittens will not drink anything less. During the Italian milk drought of '03 we lost hundreds of puss, because the kittens refused to drink anything but Tuscan Whole. Thankfully Tuscan also produces their Fresh Powdered line, which is canned at the teats of elderly bovine. Thanks to the Italians, Texas streets will always have plenty of healthy long-haired puss for stroking. A+++ Will do business again!!!
  • Richard Williamson "RLW" - This is a great tabletThe Samsung is a replacement for another tablet that I have had for 3 years and I used it to read e-books. "What a change ! ! ". The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has a faster OS and will load a lot faster, comes with more APPs and more of the ones I use. It has a longer battery life. I turned it on right out of box, it is not like most of them you have to charge for 24 hrs and it located my wifi within a minute. I am well pleased with this tablet.
  • Bob Gerkin - Sweet and Small replacement for an old dead BissellAfter a few years with a Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Bagless Vacuum (3920), it finally up and died for good. We didn't feel like paying near the cost we bought it for just to repair it, so we will be giving it to our local vacuum repair shop for parts or recycling.

    After comparing reviews for vacuums here on Amazon, we found this Shark model had a lot of great reviews compared to our old Bissell model. So we took the plunge and bought the Navigator. After having owned it for only a few months. I can't comment on it's longevity yet, but I can tell you this: it is a good little vacuum for the price so far.

    It is smaller and lighter than the old Bissell, fits in some areas easier than the wider Bissell ever could, and works just as well at picking up pet hair from the carpet. Good suction. The Bissell was much bulkier, while the Shark is sleeker and lighter to pick up and haul around. Although I will admit, I will miss the pet hair attachments on the Bissell. I really liked those and found them very helpful for pet hair on upholstery... much better than the little brush attachment most vacuums come with. Wish they would've fit at the end of the Shark's hose so I could continue to use those. Unfortunately, they do not. I tried. *sigh*

    However, I will not miss the short small canister of the Bissell. It was so messy to remove when full and to empty because of it's design. It wasn't a whole section of it's own like on the Shark, but made where the bottom half was removable, while the top half stayed on the vaccum. The top had a spool kind of piece that hair would wrap around, that you had to twist to remove. A bit of a hassle to work with in my opinion. I tend to get so into vacuuming a room, I would tend to forget to check the level of dirt building up in the canister, so more than I would care to admit, I would find it overflowing with dirt and hair. So when removing said overfilled canister, anything stuck in the area in the top half with the spool would immediately rain down, covering the vacuum in hair and soot, making me have to clean the vacuum itself before reattaching the empty canister half and resuming my cleaning. The shark's canister is such a huge improvement in this area. It is a whole sealed section that detaches quickly and easily, with an opening at the top and bottom that swing open with the push of a button over your trash bin for mess-free emptying. I also find the size of the canister good for a whole room without even getting close to getting completely full before I'm done. So forgetting to check the level of dirt and hair while cleaning a room is a thing of the past... something I no longer have to worry about. I like that a lot.

    The Bissell required new filters here and there I would have to order from their website, as well as a new brush at least twice before it died, adding to the vacuum's overall total cost. The Shark boasts lifetime filters that you just have to rinse out twice a year. Another plus I like. Hopefully I will have no problems with the brush.

    Overall, I'm happier with my new Shark than my old Bissell. I hope it holds up to continued longtime use, giving us a few good years of life at least. Only time will tell.

    Lillia~ (Bob's Wife)
  • Comicfairy "Remember: Pillage, THEN Burn." - 15lbs And Counting!Received this book free in a Cravebox!

    I've never "dieted" but have always been chubby, so this was a new experience for me. I don't do fad diets, which is why the science explained in this program was so great! Everything makes sense. I lost 15 pounds within the first month and am now embarking on another 28 days. My goal weight is 40 lbs.

    This program takes a hell of a lot of willpower, but it's worth it and gets easier once you see the weight falling off. Food will always be there and, if someone wants to fix their body, they need to be prepared to work for it! NO LAZINESS, NO CHEATING, NO EXCUSES.

    I've found difficulty locating reasonably priced foods listed in the book such as nitrate free sugar free jerky (be prepared to spend a nice chunk of change while on this program) and two of the recipes were awful, but for the most part, I've loved the food lists and recipes.

    Good luck!
  • R. Jones - Great HoseWe bought these hoses from the Xhose website and were skeptical, but took the chance. They work very well and we have two 50 footers at our house in Centennial, CO and two 50 Footers are our Ranch Property in Como, CO. There are two things that I would caution you on. The first is they have plastic fittings and we are not sure how long they will last, but they seem to be pretty rugged, but with all plastic I get concerned. The second is that the outer webbing sheath is an attraction to dogs who like to chew and to birds or rodents that want to make a nest. The dog problem is one at our home in Centennial because they are in the backyard running around, so we just roll it up when we are done using the hoses. The birds or rodent problem is one of our ranch problems, so we roll it up. They are so easy to roll up then we store them in buckets in the house or garage, but if you are going to have unsupervised access to these hoses by animals you might find them chewed up. These are the only problems that I could see with these hoses. However, I would buy them from the actually website as you get a better deal, but will have to wait about 2 plus weeks to get them.