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  • Lee Stillinger - I Learned More About Myself & This DiseaseI was diagnosed with Colitis about five years ago. It has remained relatively quiet but lately has really proven itself to be a force in my life. In trying to gain a better understanding of this disease I search several websites and came across
    It was there that I discover the author of this book and gave me the desire to read more. The book was written in layman's terms of the disease which was very helpful to me. It also discussed methods of treating the disease through a very specific diet of limited carbohydrates. I've used the suggestions and found them to be very beneficial. If I would recommend the book for any reason it would be to gain a better understanding of the disease and how to combat it. Granted, not every treatment works on every person, but the helps in this book certainly were helpful to me.
  • Patricia Mitchell - Align B. Infantis Probiotic SupplementMy doctor recommended that I buy this product, and so far it has worked well. However, it is a little pricey.
  • Maurice Fellay - Full security without feelling it.I am always looking at new antivirus for my clients since we offer IT outsourcing services for small to medium enterprises and consulting for bigger ones.

    The best part of webroot is that the clients are not aware that a security software is running on the background. they just do not feel it slowing or interrupting their work. This is in itself a great news for all of them.

    I have installed it even on my wife's notebook and have not here any complains since.

    I have test quite a lot of avirus before, from avg, avira, ms security essentials, viper, mcafee, Norton, Kaspersky, nod32, bitdefender, gdata, I could go on for a while and I am quite impressed with webroot and will recommend it to all my clients.
  • Bozvotros - Palin goes after the Anti Christmas crowd as if they were baby harp seals.Once again, the delightful Ms. Palin takes dead aim at the lie-beral straw men she places just inches away from her laser sighted wolf rifle and empties clip after clip into them. In this timely tome she skewers godless heathen liberals who have no use for the true meaning of Christmas or even Santa. She identifies the socialist hoodlums who attempted to unionize the elves and mocked Santa when he was forced to relocate due to flooding from the global warming hoax. Ms. Palin clearly enjoys hunting these progressive punks and the reader feels her white hot snark on nearly every page. And you can tell she is an astute student of history when she compares the secret War on Christmas to the persecution of Joe McCarthy, the demonization of the Abu Ghraib hazings, the Nazi Blitzkrieg, the Holocaust and the Stalinist purges. Its not all anti commie rants either. She makes us burst with pride as she nearly bursts the buttons of her snug fitting bodice vigorously waving Old Glory and kneeling at the Manger with the 3 wise men, Reagan, Rush and Rushdoony. If you can't go out and kill a commie for Christ you can do the next best thing and read this book and watch this tough old broad do it for you.