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  • Kitcatcandy - Arrived early and Great protection-Kaspersky Internet Secuity 2012-
    The package arrived 2 days early which was great. The box came in New Condition and was in bubble wrap.
    The box does have some dents but they are very minor

    The review*
    The new Kaspersky provides the very best protection for today's threats including Trojans, Keyloggers, worms, and more.
    The installation was very quick and easy no restart required. But once installed you need to update it it may take 40 minutes to download all those definitions. The product found 2 viruses on my computer that -Norton IS 2012- had missed little did I know that Kaspersky was right for me. At $19.00 it was a great price and protected my computer including invasions from hackers. It has a roll back feature to rollback what the malware had did to your computer. This handy dandy tool Kaspersky recue disk allows you to copy it to you usb or cd/dvd to boot from and remove all the malware. Another feature is a Virtual keyboard which allowes you to bank and shop online safer.

    The cons-
    Well there are very little cons.
    Kaspersky can be a pig sometimes hogging all your memory when your doing nothing.
    Kaspersky scans are very slow and lag your computer sometimes.

    Final Verdict*
    I love Kaspersky and will be a customer with them for a long time if the keep impressing me the all the new updates no malware or anything will ever get through I rate this protect a big 5 STARS for it's amazing features and protection
  • mother - Druge guideI was shocked that I found a new drug guide that was in such good condition and the price could not get any better.

    I want to thank Amazon.com you are so great.