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  • Tyrone W. Jr - Full of useful informationoverall im very happy with this book, i actually prefer this one over the official Disneyland book i have , this too me goes more into detail for planning trips to Disneyland and the area .

    if you have never purchased one of these books its worth the money, i have been buying the official ones every few years and thought i would try the unofficial one for 2013.
  • JeffC - Breaking the Vicious CycleMy son was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis; medical treatments were not working. He was very, very sick.
    The diet as laid out in this book worked for my son. His symptoms started to go away after 3 days on the diet.
    He continues on it today, 1 month later. This has helped him greatly.
    I was drawn to this book from other positive reviews on blogs from people who have UC and IBS.
  • K. Cone - A Place for Everything!I surprised my husband with this awesome cycling bag for his birthday. Boy, did he love it! He immediately commented on the brand name when he saw it and said what a top of the line brand it was. There are so many special compartments that serious bikers would appreciate. My husband has used it for traveling to bike races and also for weekend rides. It's a darn good looking bag and while it was expensive, it was worth it. I know my husband will use this for many years and hopefully, he'll remember how cool his wife is for buying it for him.
  • Clive Hazell - Not Just for Remedial Readers.I had a dream that instructed me to follow a star in the night sky to purchase this book. I don't usually buy books because the nearest book shop is miles from my trailer park. Buying it on Amazon was super convenient, and I could do it from the office of my trailer park. The book was just as I had dreamed it would be. It was a clarion call for people like me, with more tattoos than teeth, to fight to protect Christmas. It's not just a holiday for getting drunk and overspending at Walmart, it is a celebration of our little lord Jesus and his gift to humanity. Speaking of gifts...I didn't even know Sarah Palin could write...but boy can she ever. Some of the sentences were really hard to read but mostly she is careful to avoid big words, and this makes it easier to read. I am sending this to all my family who won't be able to join me for Christmas. Just because they have limited books at their prison library doesn't mean my family (who are all Sarah Palin fans) shouldn't have the chance to read her powerful words. I will say it was a bit tiring to read it because there are a lot of pages and my mouth got tired from sounding out all the words, but don't give up. I also want to mention, that when libruls say Sister Sarah is a low information shrieky howler monkey with all the subtlety of a jackhammer on a hangover in August, they are lie-telling. Get this book for all the inmates in your family.