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  • Colleen B. - Bare Minerals for life!I've been using Bare Minerals for about 7 years now, I have very highly acne-prone skin, and I needed something lighter than a liquid foundation. Honestly, this stuff has been a God-send for me. You can use as much or as little as you need for your current skin condition.
    Obviously Bare Minerals has a very strong following, but if I can make just a couple suggestions...
    First, go to a Bare Escentuals store if at all possible to have them help you choose your color. Do not guess. Then come back to Amazon next time to save a couple dollars, as the price on here is cheaper than most stores carry it for.
    Second, especially if you are acne prone like me, I highly recommend using this product to apply it, in place of the brushes: Beautyblender 2 + Blendercleanser Combo, The Ultimate MakeUp Sponge Applicator + Cleanser
    I wash the Beautyblender sponge with the cleanser before every single use, and then use it while it's still damp to apply my Bare Minerals. You wouldn't believe how quick and smooth it goes on. Plus, makeup brushes are a haven for germs, but SO difficult to wash, and cannot be used wet/damp.
  • Caz - Great for Acne/Pimples!I recently started a new medication that caused breakouts. Although the pimples/acne gradually disappeared, I was left with skin discoloration where the pimples used to be. This product reduced the discoloration/redness after a couple of treatments. It doesn't take a large amount to apply - use sparingly. I highly recommend this product! :-)
  • kramer - So far so good. (Updated)I will start with the caveat that I did not buy this pillow from Amazon.com. I bought this pillow from the company's main site, as I would suggest that you do, since you can easily search for coupon codes that will give you 20% off. I was a bit concerned by the reviews on here, because all of the extremely positive reviews sounded like they were poorly written by a company employee and did not contain any detailed information about their experiences. I finally decided to give this pillow a shot after watching a video review on YouTube that appeared to be from a real customer.

    I bought the "green" standard size pillow. and chose the 10-14 day shipping option for a shipping charge of $10 on the company website. I was pleasantly surprised when I had it delivered 3 days later. I unpacked the pillow, which came in a frighteningly small box just larger than a 2 liter bottle. The pillow was very flat when it came out, but it expanded somewhat as it sat there for a few hours. I put the pillow in the drier for 10 minutes as suggested on the sheet that it was packed with. The pillow had greatly expanded and was now the size and thickness of a standard pillow.

    I just tried this pillow for the first time last night. The pillow was wonderfully supportive and felt sufficiently firm without feeling hard. I would describe it as feeling somewhat like a combination of a standard (polyester fill?) and a memory foam pillow. I most recently have been using standard pillows and found no "learning curve" to get used to this pillow. I imagine that if you are used to a down pillow (which I hate) it may take some time to adapt. I do not know what the pillow is filled with, but it looks somewhat lumpy in appearance and it feels to the touch as if there are medium sized (ping-pong to baseball sized) clumps of the material inside the cover. The pillow does not feel lumpy when you are laying on it, and the different sized clumps conform nicely to the shape of your head while laying down. The pillow does somewhat retain the shape of your head when you get up, but to no where near the extent that memory foam pillows do. I slept better than I had in weeks last night, but I was also extremely tired, so I imagine that played a role.

    I did not notice any of the odor that a few others have mentioned. I have used memory foam pillows, so I know exactly what kind of chemical smell they are mentioning, and this pillow did not have any of that smell. I am wondering if the people that did notice a smell either got a bad batch or if the pillow they bought was not an authentic My Pillow. I even asked my girlfriend, who is very sensitive to smells, if she noticed a smell, and she did not.

    As far as sound that the pillow makes while laying on it, I specifically listened for sound and could only hear a VERY slight rustling noise while I moved that was only slightly louder than a standard pillow. I have used sobakawa pillows which are incredibly loud, and My Pillow is nothing like this.

    In short, I am quite happy with this pillow so far. $70 dollars (after coupon code and shipping) was a lot for me to spend on one pillow, so I hope it holds up with time. Every pillow I have had in the past, including memory foam, has gone flat within a few months, so I buy quite a few pillows in the course of a year. The instructions on My Pillow say that fluffing it up in the drier or machine washing it will bring the pillow back to full loft. I will try to remember to update this review in a few months about whether it has gone flat. It took me a while to work up the nerve to spend this amount on a pillow, and I found that there were not a lot of helpful reviews. If someone has a question, let me know if I can be of any help.

    3 MONTH UPDATE: After about 3 months of nearly nightly use, the pillow seems to be holding up reasonably well. It does kind of lose its shape and loft every once in a while, but putting it in the dryer for 10-20 mins seems to make it good as new (at least for a couple of weeks, keep in mind though that I have a big head and can flatten a regular pillow in less than a month). I considered taking a star off because it is kind of a pain to "re-loft" the pillow, but since it is still better than any of the other pillows that I have tried, I think I'll leave it at 5 stars for now. Have rolled over and tried to use the girlfriends pillow with a standard fill (the kind I used most recently before this one), and I can't believe how much better My Pillow feels. I have not tried washing it; I am slightly afraid to, but they say it is washable.
  • Hookette - One of the best Newer Floyd albumsThis album has a great sound to it. Classic Floyd fans won't find it the same sound as Wish You Were Here, this is more along the lines of Momentary Lapse of Reason, but the songs seem to have slightly older flavor for guitar riffs. I loved this album and it now has moved up the charts on my Floyd albums. It rates up there with the great classics as long as you are open minded and not a purist. Lyrics have more meaning than more recent albums as well, giving it a purpose like Final Cut. I highly recommend this album to anyone who loved the sound of On the Turning Away, the songs on Division Bell have the same passion and soleful guitar solo's.