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City: 15232 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Unlucky Guy - value for moneythe moment I got the milk delivered by the UPS guy, i drank it. oh my god, what a feeling it was. the cool soft frothy texture of the tuscan milk, along with its elixir like taste made me go to la-la land and i was back to amazon page to order more. i wish it was on subscribe and save with a option to get one gallon delivered every hour. $49 is peanuts for this milky bliss.
  • T Wu "TW" - The best thing I've found for chronic, low-level GI problemsI used to have chronic, excessive gas with no clear reason--not even repeated visits to the GI doctors yielded any clues. They checked for H. pylori, uclers and other problems, but none surfaced. One doctor suggested at the end of a series of exasperating doctor visits that perhaps my intestinal flora was out of balance, and that I should try using align for a couple of months. I went out to the local Target and bought some, and 2 months later, I was different person--many of my previous issues with my GI system were now either non-existent or so minor that I forgot about them. I didn't see a need to continue probiotic therapy after those 2 months, and thankfully, the results were persistent. Now I recommend align to family and friends with GI issues, and many report positive results, too. Personally, I don't take align anymore, except after periods of doctor-prescribed antibiotic therapy for strep throat, sinusitis, etc. when my stomach/gut gets queasy because of the antibiotics--even then, 2-3 weeks of align 1 week after the antibiotic therapy stops usually gets my gut health back to where I want it to be.
  • Grace G - More than just milk.What's not to love about this milk? My advice is to drink it as is during a full moon 'cuz you transform into a beautiful awesome cow, and you can jump over the full moon like in the picture. When this happens you will see a cat playing a fiddle, and a little dog laughing to see you jumping over said moon. But sadly, since you didn't use your milk with cereal your dish will run away with the spoon. Don't ask me why a dish and not a bowl... But if you are okay with your dish and spoon running away then this is the milk for you!!