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  • Don J. Knabeschuh - Racial Demagoguery for the rest of usAnn Coulter has the comedic instincts and timing of a stand-up. That, combined with the scholarship and research that goes into her books makes them must reads. As a bonus, there is the delight one gets imagining the apoplexy she causes those on the left with a well turned phrase or joke that hammers home a point. Most often that point is the utter hypocrisy of liberal group-think.

    "Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama", continues in the tradition of all her books - a fast-paced, serious, yet humorous look at the subject, replete with example after footnoted example from which her targets cannot hide or escape. Al Sharpton, the demigod of demagogues, but not to be confused with "them Greek homos" (read the book) is a rich source of material for Ann. (Al 2.0 is quite funny as an MSNBC analyst but I could probably force myself to watch more often if he still wore the track suit, gold medallion and sported the Prince Valiant haircut.) In addition to Al there is a cast of hundreds exposed to the critical eye and rapier wit of Ms. Coulter. If there is one thing we have learned over the last four years, it is that We Are All Racists Now. Our grasp for the post-racial society we were promised ebbs and flows as the fortunes of the left dictate from campaign to campaign. Buy this book. It's a great read and upsets the racial profiteers. Win, Win.
  • Deven Gadula - animals or wish you were here?Shine On You Crazy Diamond is possibly the most dear piece of music of all times for me but it could very well be The Animals and not Wish You Were Here which is my favorite Pink Floyd album overall. It might have to do with the time distortions they have loaded this one with. Pigs On The Wing are such a spiritual boost. Dogs might be my favorite song here and it used to freak me out how many times while listening to this song back in 1977 and 1978 in my mother's place, with large dogs running around the house, I used to look out the window, forgetting I was hearing the music. And no, I did not do any drugs back then. A few days ago while on a business trip in Europe I was fortunate enough to attend a rock festival in Freising, Germany, where next to the Sylvan episode (the most amazing show by a vocalist I could ever imagine) I had experienced the complete Animals tour repertoire done by RPWL.; it was spectacular. It is interesting that 2 of my 7 most favorite present rock bands, RPWL and Mostly Autumn both came to life as Pink Floyd cover bands, and another one Porcupine Tree is also very heavily Pink Floyd influenced. If you love Pink Floyd and are searching for other great bands, please make sure you know all 3. Another great song on the album is Pigs, but that only leaves one other song, Sheep and that was the starting song of Pink Floyd's Animals tour. Basically it is a great album with phenomenal music and great lyrics.
  • David Michael Cook DDS - Long time QuickBooks userI own a one-dentist private dental office, and I have 5 employees counting myself. I have used QuickBooks for my office checking account and payroll for well over ten years. I find that I benefit from upgrading each year or two. I especially like the Enhanced Payroll service. It is easy to keep track of my five employees with QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll. I have just recently switched to E-Pay and E-File. These are very convenient, and I have had no problems with these services. End-of-year reports are very useful for sending to my accountant. I find that printing out the Trial Balance and Balance Sheet Reports as of December 31st and the Profit and Loss Report for the entire year along with Transaction Detail Reports by Account, by clicking the magnifying glass cursor on items in the Profit and Loss Report, are the only reports my accountant needs to prepare my S Corp tax returns. I find this is handier than providiing the accountant with a file on a flash drive. I then have a hard copy to keep with the tax return in case of an audit by the IRS. The ribbon toolbar is handy and easily custommizable for the icons most frequently used. I did use the add-on service for E-filing 1099s for the first time this year. Initially, I could not Sync my QuickBooks files with the server. I called tech support and the gentleman remotely accessed my computer and re-installed several MicroSoft files necessary for the Sync process to work. After that, it worked flawlessly. Cudos to tech support.
  • Dfogger - Better than SurgeryIt does work, I had to use it for over a year before I saw any change but now I'm glad I stuck with it. Foam seems better and also I converted to a "gell" look from a "Dry" look with my hair. I will ever forget when my hair dresser finally said "Oh My Gosh your hair is growning in" The only other option is surgery but that costs 15K for most of us and takes a month to recover in public view. I used generic for a while but over time my hair thinned so I went back to the real stuff and it came back. I also sprinkle TOPPIK and the two together worked great I'm 80% recovered