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  • shubb - The best album they ever did

    I remember being a teenager and seeing this in record stores the week it came out. Since FM radio wasn't playing anything off of it, I never knew what a gem it was until about 11 years later when this one buddy of mine stated I should listen to it on headphones, several times at a minimum. He said it was better than DSOTM, as well as Wish You Were Here. I never rated DSOTM as their best, but Wish You Were Here??? No way I thought, this dude's smoking some bomb ganja to make a claim like that. 25 years later, if I could find him now I'd buy him dinner for him convincing me to get into this album. This is the best thing Floyd ever did in my opinion, and now that it's been remastered the CD finally sounds as good as the music that's on it. Gilmour's guitar on this is just freakin' awesome, never better. I could listen to this album from start to finish, and then start to finish again, and again, over and over and over, and never get tired of it. There are very, very few albums I could make that claim about. Don't worry if you've never heard any of the songs on here. Trust me, it doesn't matter....

  • Tyler Rountree - best regimen

    better than proative, nutrogena, clearasil, best over counter products for acne. if this doesnt work try a prescription from your dermatologist. go to this website too.

  • T. Adams - Very good product

    I was first exposed to Kaspersky when I bought a new Dell computer. I liked how it worked so much that I took all my other home computers off of McAfee and put on Kaspersky due to McAfee using excessive system resources. This product works great on windows 8 and windows 7. I noticed a significant improvement with my home theater PC since installation.

  • Carla Dowd - My daughter studied this publication more than her school work!

    We have oodles of college look books having been through this process a time or two and this is by far the best guide. It was suggested by a family member and I didn't think it could be any better than what we already had ... But it is. It's clear, easy to follow structured format is great but the most helpful part amazingly, is the anecdotal commentary from actual students. A terrific resource!