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Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

  • Socalgirl2007 - Amazing Product

    I've had hair thinning for years because of a hormonal problem. I've tried other products that claim to grow hair and never worked so I was skeptical to try Nioxin. I have one area at the front of my head so I didn't want to get the entire kit so I bought just this hair booster and after only using it a few times I'm really impressed. I've noticed some hair growth and where it's not growing yet the current follicles are thicker so it covers that thinning area. I'm now really thinkng of buying the entire kit in the hopes it'll thicken my hair because it's naturally thin and fragile to begin with. This little bottle is SO worth the money.

  • Kellie - Works great!

    I recently received a free sample of this product (from and stuck it in my medicine cabinet for future use. I do not get cold sores often but when I do they are painful and take a while to go away. In the past I have used Abreva and while it helped a little, I didn't feel like it was wonderful - or worth the price.

    The other day I was getting ready and I noticed I had a decent-sized cold sore that must have just started and was already getting sore. I remembered the free sample and pulled it out to try. Here is what I thought.

    Pros: Easy to apply.
    Numbs nearly instantly.
    Dries quickly.

    Cons: Dried my lips.

    I have to say I applied this and then got ready so I was fearful that I may have washed it off too soon or something so at bed time I used the other enclosed dose on clean, dry lips and then went to sleep. The next morning I was amazed that the cold sore was considerably smaller and gave me almost no discomfort. That alone would convince me to buy again but the second morning the cold sore was a tiny spot with almost no discomfort at all.

    I would highly recommend this if you get painful cold sores. I do recommend following it with applications of lip balm as it seems to be very drying.

  • Stephanie Li - Great Case!

    It's a great case, and it's exactly the color I'm looking for. I like that it has a rubbery feel because I'm not a huge fan of laptop cases that feel like cheap, hard plastic. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this case. I've purchased the GMYLE Robin Blue case before too, and I was also very satisfied with that case. This one is a little more see through than the Robin Blue case though.

  • berben12 - 1000! times better than any of the previous versions!

    Originally I used Norton products for years. But then the product got slow and bloated, so I turned my attention to Kaspersky. However, the recent version of Kaspersky would crash and miss some malware and viruses. I then tried this product, NIS 2012, and could not believe how fast it installed; under 60 seconds! It also updated the virus defs within minutes and did the first scan, finding several viruses that the other product missed! Also, the new product doesn't seem to slow down the computer at all, and gives great feedback, like processes that might be eating away at your CPU resources.

    Overall, I would highly recommend this product!