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  • Steven Brandt @ Audiobook-Heaven "Audiobook-H... - One of the Most Haunting Novels I've Ever Read

    I absolutely loved The Road and my only regret is that it is a relatively short audiobook. Cormac McCarthy uses a simple, yet elegant, prose that renders incredibly vivid images on the mind. Throughout The Road, McCarthy describes a bleak, ash-gray world without ever becoming boring or redundant. Even now I can still picture the dead and barren landscapes he described.

    The helplessness of the father in The Road is what really stands out, as he tries to bring up his young son in a world that no longer has any sense or meaning. The boy was born just as the devastation was beginning, and the burnt and ashy landscape is all he knows. The father is often lost for words as he tries to explain how things were before the holocaust, and it is sad when the author reveals that the boy simply can't bring himself to believe most of what he hears. As the pair struggle to find food, warm clothes, and safe places to sleep, all the while avoiding the "bad guys" who now see other humans as a viable source of nourishment, the father is often reduced to two small words, which he repeats to the boy again and again throughout the audiobook: "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." You cannot possibly read The Road without feeling sad for our future generations who may have to live like this. If we had a chance to speak to them, I wonder if we would repeat the father's helpless appeal: "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

    Tom Stechschulte did a very good job narrating The Road. Just like Cormac McCarthy, Stechschulte's style is simple, yet elegant. His pacing was very good, and at times he reads with great feeling that matches the story perfectly. Thanks to Stechschulte's inspired reading, you could really feel the bleak hopelessness of the characters. Tom Stechschulte is a film and television actor. He played a prominent role in the movie The Manchurian Candidate, and has made guest appearances on the television series Law & Order.

    The Road is a great story with a great narrator. I would highly recommend this audiobook to anyone.

  • Cbelle - SO PROUD OF THIS ITEM!!!

    I was skeptical when I bought the TRIA. My doubts were completely squished after using if for two months. I am Italian. My skin is just about as pale as you can get and my hair is DARK and thick. I have been embarrassed by it since I was in elementary school. I started getting laser hair removal at my dermatologist. I couldn't afford having it done on my legs, so I had it done on my face (I know you can't use the TRIA on your face but this is still relevant). One laser treatment (on a tiny area like my face) was 150 dollars! I got it done three times hoping to see some results. Needless to say, the results were sub par at best. I bought the TRIA on QVC just to give it a try. The results are AMAZING. It's been two months and the hair on my legs has thinned out to about half the amount of what it is. I used to have to shave about once every other day, and it would still look miserable thanks to razer burn and ingrown hairs. I can go quite a while without having to shave now. I also decided to laser the hair on my feet. I didn't have much there but I thought I'd do it anyways. Why not, right? It's been two months and the hair on my feet is g-o-n-e. Okay. The TRIA might take a while to work fully, but honestly I'd buy it at full price for the results I see now. It stings a little when you use it. I keep it on a medium power level. Just take some ibuprofen before before you give it a go; it helps a lot. If you can wax, you can use the TRIA. Listen, this is my wonderful and coveted day off and I'm reviewing a product on amazon. Why on earth, right? I've been meaning to review this product for a while because it's helped me so much. I know there are a ton of women with the same "hair issues" as me. I know it's hard to part with almost $500 without hearing about some good results first, so here they are. If you sound like me, buy this thing. It's 100% worth it.

  • Frank "drFrank" - A hidden gem!

    I have been a fan of Andy Andrews and his writing for many years and read everything he writes. When I saw the announcement for this book, I immediately pre-ordered it.

    Although I was in the middle of another book, I paused listening to it and downloaded this book. At first I was disappointed. The first two chapters appeared to take the book in no direction. But I knew in my heart that the first two chapters laid the foundation for the book. By the time I was half way into the book I knew it is a winner. It is filled with many life lessons, quotable statements, and more important valuable outlines and stories to learn from and teach.

    This book is a hidden gem - it is one of those books which requires many listens and also reading in the physical form.

    No doubt I will put this on my highly recommended list and will read it again and again.