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  • soysauce9616 - Extremely MovingThis is a story that portrays true evil. I've never heard of such evil told in such great detail. However, it is also a story of hope: how one little girl overcame evil by holding true to herself. This book was nothing less than captivating and it inspires me to fight against the evil in this world. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your story.
  • Addam W. Campbell - Best tablet on the marketAfter reading all the engadget and CNET reviews, I came to purchase this tablet. I'm super happy that I did. It's fast, well made and the screen is awesome. Check the specs compared to a lot of other Android tablets our there; this one pretty much stands alone. I considered the Motorola Xoom, the Samsung Galaxy 10.1" and their successors. They didn't really do it for me and from a technology standpoint, they're behind the curve.

    One downside is that, not being an iPad, the market for accessories is pretty slim. You could get a case made for it on Etsy or, what I did, buy an Incase 10.2" Netbook neoprene case. If fits just fine and I'm pretty sure I can get the keyboard dock in there, too (that's an assumption, I don't have that dock yet).

    I bought my tablet straight from Amazon. Even though it says that it'll take up to 5 weeks, I got mine in 2.
  • J. Warner - This is a smart, objective "Do this, Don't do this" necessityWe'll be in Disneyland in less than a week..our first time. We are prepared with online research, and secure that we at least have a clue with the purchase of this book. It is the perfect read, breaking down the whole Disneyland affair into "that's what I was wondering about" answers on every page.