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  • miketheman - Decent External Drive With Lots Of SpaceReceived the 4tb My Book Live Duo and plugged it in and nothing worked. Didn't know if the enclosure was bad, the drives were defective or the power adapter. Lucky for me I have a friend who lives about an hour from me who had the same exact model that was working so I carried the entire package over to his house and plugged the drive into his power adapter and everything came up fine. Checked my power adapter and found out it was dead on arrival. Drove back home and decided not to bother going about returning the entire package because of the time waiting and bulky size so i decided to contact western digital and see if I could just purchase one of the adapters online. They were out of stock and because the power adapter has such an unsual power rating 36-watts, 3-amps, 12-volts I was unable to locate a universal adapter that would work locally. Had to order one here on Amazon for about 19 bucks plus 2 day shipping. It arrived and worked perfect so far. E-mailed western digital about the power adapter and they said they would ship one out to me free of charge. Still currently waiting for that free of charge adapter so that i could have a spare in the event the one i purchased died. The drive connected to my 1 gigabit network and file transfer was really impressive, no complaints there. However, if you are watching a blu-ray quality movie on two seperate media players, the drive has a tendency to give a small frame freeze almost in the middle of the movie but then it does'nt appear after that. I don't know if it will be able to handle three media players watching blu-ray quality movies at the same time hoepfully it will work when i get my third media player to test it. As for the RAID feature, it sems to work so far but can't tell how reliable it is since I just recently began using this product (Aprox: 2-weeks) I hav'nt noticed much heat buildup.

    July 12th 2012 - Ugrading to 5 stars.
    Received the power adapter from western digital so now i have two adapters. The one i purchased and the RMA one. So far the drive is working great. If you disable the power down feature, you won't notice the small freeze frame problem which seems to be when the drive is powering down after a certain amount of time being used. I'm not quite sure if this is the reason or if it's the raid part but it's gone when the power down feature is disabled, it could also be the latest firmware upgrade. I now have three wd tv hubs connected and they all run fine on gigabit network at the same time. Amazing!! Don't try that with wifi cuz the wifi can only support 1 person at a time. I'm pleased so far with the drive and i've already ordered another 4TB duo. I didn't order the 6TB because my network is mixed with several older 32bit machines. I'm sure the folks who gave this product a bad rating may have gotten a bad batch or were in that percentage of unlucky consumers. However, i'd tell em to return the product and try again cuz it's really a good product!

    Update November 23rd 2013
    I now own 3 of these NAS drives and the original one is still going fine. They are used everyday for running videos, mp3's and viewing digital photos, Just to let everyone know that they are still working!
  • Phyllis Mason - It works if you take the right amount each day.I saw results taking 9 pills a day! I would like it better if I only took one pill a day.
  • T. L. Cockley - Masterful MasterpieceAs a long-time fan of Stephen Sondheim, I tried as hard as I knew how to be a fan of Passion. I bought the original cast album, I watched the PBS telecast of the show, and I have the DVD of the original production. But I was never passionate about Passion. Passion was ponderous and pretentious, and those were two words I had never used for any of Sondheim's work. I respected Passion, but I didn't like Passion, and I never pulled Passion off the shelf to listen to. So I was more than skeptical when a new recording of the new production was released, but the old Sondheim fan that I am said that I owed it to Steve to at least listen to this new release. So I did,and I have done a complete one-eighty on this show.

    This recording is a revelation! In the first place, it is a complete recording, not the truncated single disc of the Original Broadway Cast. Secondly, the story unfolds powerfully and inevitably and it is completely believable in the process. On this recording the music soars, conveying every nuance and emotion of the story. The lyrics are almost ethereal, multi-faceted in a way that eluded the original recording. Lastly, Giorgio, Clara, and Fosca all step out of the background and become fully-rounded, flesh-and-blood human beings. They are no longer two-dimensional, stunted puppets--they live! That is what makes all the difference here. These are people you can care about and care for. Their story may be unsettling, but it is real, and it is filled with everything the original lacked. This Passion overflows with Passion, passion you can hear, passion you can feel, passion you can believe. And I am, finally, passionate about Passion. Buy this recording. Listen to it in one sitting, as I did and you'll become passionate about Passion, too. It's been a long time coming, but Passion has finally arrived!