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  • Demian Raschkovan - Learn about Dynamics CRM 2011 working with real projectsThe book is divided in differents sections that explains all the Dynamics CRM 2011 features (Customizationes, Processes, Plugins, External applications, security roles, etc.). Each chapter explains a full Project design, and how you can use CRM features to cover all the customer requirementes.
    There are diferent types of projects (Project Training Enrolment System, Employee Recruitment Management System,Hotel Management System, Issue Tracker System, etc.) and it explains how you can use and customize Dynamics CRM to achieve their goals.

    This is a great book to people that want to start to work with Dynamics CRM 2011 because it gives to the reader tools to undestand how to fit Dynamics CRM to different solutions. It gives also ideas about how to start new projects and to valorate how many time it takes to finish a full Dynamics CRM Project.
  • J. Greenhill - Wondering about this and the Tokina 11-16? Let me help.At this point you're probably thinking I love photography, but am I ready to spend ~$800 on a wide angle lens? That's a tough question! Maybe I can help you out with your decision. As a rule of thumb, I always recommend investing in good glass. Bodies are always changing- better sensors, ISO performance and increased functionality. Lenses, on the other hand, are more constant. They are arguably the most important factor with regards to hardware.

    Cliffnotes: There are two main reasons I prefer the canon 10-22 over the Tokina 11-16.

    1. More reach. I find the 10-22 is more versatile with the effective focal range of 16-35mm on a full frame body. The Tokina shoots more like a prime. It's effective focal range is 17.6mm - 25.6mm. This gives me more flexibility.

    2. Creativity: At 10mm on the canon I can get a good bit of distortion. This makes for really fun shooting! I haven't found this to be the case on the 11mm end of the Tokina.

    Backstory: I first bought the 10-22 used in 2007. I had read great reviews about it, and loved the images I saw taken with it. I didn't know if I really loved shooting wide angle shots, but I was determined to make that leap. I remember thinking this lens costs as much as my xti body did, and that was a pretty big pill to swallow at that time. To make a long story short, I ended up loving the lens. It really opened up my mind to creative shooting. Prior to buying it, I only had a 50mm 1.8 which was the equivalent of shooting 85mm consistently on a crop body. I feel that it's important to start off with a prime as it makes you understand composition. The 10-22 was my natural progression to a different focal range.

    Sadly, I ended up selling the 10-22 when I decided to upgrade to the 5d2, as ef-s lenses don't work with full frame bodies. I was in a rush at the time and ended up losing a little when selling the 10-22, maybe $75 dollars. This doesn't usually happen, but I was in a crunch. I replaced the 10-22 with the 17-40L, my wide angle choice. Fast forward to today, I've owned the Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 for almost a year, using it on a 7d. I just haven't loved it. Sure, optically it's probably as good if not slightly ahead of the 10-22 from what I remember (it's been 3 years ). It has more glass, ~14oz (Canon) vs. ~20oz (Tokina) and also has a slightly better build quality. It's faster at F/2.8 vs. F/3.5-4.5 and has a consistent aperture which I do love. I haven't noticed a much difference with CA or Vignetting, neither seem to suffer much there or anywhere optically in my opinion.

    Verdict: Recently I was remembering how much I loved the lens. I even contacted the person I sold my copy to. I found someone to trade locally- their 10-22 for my 11-16. I just don't use or love the Tokina enough to keep it around, and that's just my preference. I'm hoping by moving back to the lens I love, that I will be stimulated again. Based on my rough calculations, I'm spending about $200 on top of what I paid for the Tokina and selling the 10-22 years back at a slight loss. I miss it that much!

    Hopefully this helps with your decision making and I can save you some time upfront.
  • David Farmer - A Must for Every Serious Church LibraryBrownson has put together a very thoughtful, well-researched book that needs to be part of the discussions taking place on gay Christians. I enjoyed his analysis and the way he asked serious questions, and brought it all back to a solid sexual ethic conclusion at the end that applies to both same-sex and opposite-sex relationships.

    Brownson expertly refutes Robert Gagnon's argument against the affirmation of same-sex relationships by clearly demonstrating that the Bible does not teach a normative doctrine of gender complementarity. Brownson also expertly examines issues related to Romans 1 and he penned a convincing conclusion that out of control lust, which was so prevalent in antiquity, is the key issue Paul addresses, and not "too much sameness," as that concept was not discussed as a moral principle when sex was discussed in biblical passages.

    I consider this a critical resource for every church library; it is already in the library where I attend church. Thanks Dr. Brownson for a fresh view!
  • K. M Merrill "justine" - this is slow cooking!I have about 6 slow cooker books and was eager to look into this one. My favorite magazine for slow cooking disapeeared. This book is the definete edtion of how to get the most from your cooker. the ingrediant list is not terrible, directions are not complex and it works well.
    the only thing that needs caution is some of the best dishes are only about 4 hrs, not 6-8. I suggest you buy a programamable cooker that goes to warm.
  • Houyhnhnm - An amazing, truthful bookIf you have the feeling that somewhere along the way the rules of marriage have been changed on you, read this book. Athol Kay helped me understand that I had been playing by the wrong rules all along - the reality is that I have gone through most of my life with a set of assumptions about men and women that is simply wrong.

    His book described my situation so clearly and gave me such sensible advice that I have no choice but to give it five stars. I would rather give it ten. Now I have to put it into practice. That will not be easy, but having a clear understanding of my situation and what I can do to fix it is an immeasurable gift. Someday I'll pass this book on to my own son and I can't give any higher praise than that.