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  • P. Crowe - adjustable carbonation, endless possibilities for flavors

    What a wonderful product! Arthritic hands have made it impossible to use a soda syphon, but the large size of the canister and bottle and the easy screw in system for both make it simple to use the SodaStream for making soda water. Personally I do not care much for either sweet or diet soft drinks, but it you do, the sample soda flavors compare favorably to the products they mimic. I use the SodaStream to make mostly unsweetened drinks using a variety of flavors: angostura bitters, orange bitters, pure cranberry juice, lime juice, grenadine, almond extract (a spoonful of sugar + an ounce of milk for orzata), various other extracts, some fruit juices, and some drink mixes. Also good for alcoholic drinks. I experiment all the time with different flavors and mixtures. Since the fizziness level is adjustable, you can get the right level for whatever drink you are making. I like a very light amount of flavor and lots of bubbly water. No more lugging expensive plastic bottles of soda from the store.

  • K. Hill - Dangerously Delicious!

    I am not a drinker, but I love this wine. This is perfect for those like me who don't enjoy the taste of alcohol. I tried another Moscato a few weeks back and it took me two hours to finish a small half glass. Usually wine, no matter how fruity or delicious is smells, tastes like cold medicine to me. Not so with this one. That's why I call it dangerously good. It's easy to drink and so delicious that I have no trouble finishing a glass. I also appreciated that there was a handwritten note thanking me for my order on the invoice.

  • Phinneus R. Jackson - A Postmodern Masterpiece

    An unbelievable translation from the original french, A Million Random Digits is the best postmodern literature piece written in the 21st century. The fragmented narrative and themes are consistent and masterfully woven through every of the 600 pages. I cried, even at the ending that seemed to lack all coherency. As the narrator said, in the end, it really is all "1 0 0 1".

  • S. Jacobs "eyegor" - Easy to use, reliable "cloud" storage

    I'm a storage junkie.

    I shoot tons of photos and have multiple gigabytes of digital video and need a place to store it all. I've used various forms of network-attached storage in the past, but the Live Duo is probably the easiest to use so far.

    There are several features about the Live Duo that are extremely appealing:

    There are three connections on back, power, USB and Gigabit Ethernet. The USB port is to allow the drive to be expanded and shared by the Live Duo which is a very nice feature. The Gigabit Ethernet allows the drive to be accessed from your home network. At a minimum, the drive must be plugged into your home router or switch so it can be shared over the wireless network.

    Form Factor and Noise:
    The Live Duo is a double wide, desktop unit with small rubber feet that can be placed anywhere there's a network drop and power. It's extremely quiet, even when powering up, reading and writing data. As with all critical items on the network, it should be protected with a surge supressor and preferably with a UPS.

    Data Reliability and Drives:
    As delivered, the Live Duo is set up in drive spanning mode (aka RAID 0). This will allow both drives to be used as one larger drive for those that are more concerned with speed and storage capacity than they are reliability. The main disadvantage to drive spanning is that there are twice as many drives in operation and is twice as likely to suffer a drive failure than a single drive on its own and a loss of a single drive means the loss of all of the data on both drives.

    Disk Mirroring (aka RAID 1) takes a different approach to storing data. Rather than spreading out the data on two drives, mirrored disks both contain the exact same data and if one drive fails, the surviving drive will continue to function as normal until the failed drive can be replaced.

    The Live Duo makes it extremely easy to replace a failed drive. The top of the drive opens up and both drives are accessible for easy replacement. This is a vast improvement over other consumer grade storage systems I've used. Many of the older ones required you to work very hard to access the drives and in doing so had to void the warranty. Western Digital has earned my respect for making the drive easy to service.

    The Live Duo was easy to set up and as delivered was set to disk spanning mode. I set up my drive from a Macintosh, but I expect the Windows set up procedure to be as easy. Once the disk discovery was completed, a web-based management console is used to change all aspects of the drives configuration. Changing from spanned to mirrored drives was very fast and the drive allowed me to continue accessing it while the Mirror set was rebuilding. Users and shares are also very easy to manage.

    Other than data reliability and capacity, the features I like the most are the ability to use the drive with Macintoshs' TimeMachine and being able to share the drive over the Internet using WD 2GO.

    The TimeMachine setup was as you'd expect. It just worked. You mount the drive using the command-k keystroke, then tell TimeMachine to use that drive for its backups. Since the drive is attached via the network, it's not as speedy as a firewire drive. The initial snapshot took the longest, but the subsequent hourly backups were seamless and ran quickly. Most users should have no issues using it for TimeMachine.

    Internet sharing was very painless. The setup with WD's service was free and easy. I was able to remotely mount the drive while away from my home with another Macintosh and able to copy files back and forth with ease. I also downloaded the WD 2GO Pro application for my iPad and iPhone from Apple's store and was able to watch movies and view photos I'd copied to the drive. This proved to be very convenient when I was at a Ski Resort for the weekend. It was almost like having my own Netflix service.

    Bottom Line:
    I've used many different drives from many manufacturers over the years and I'm very impressed with the Live Duo's abilities and features. I'd recommend it to anyone who needs the ability to easily and reliably store/retrieve data.

  • Troy C Gibbs - A easy but comprehensive guide to improving your chances!

    This book is the most comprehensive book I have read thus far on the topic of how to improve your chances with meeting woman that you desire. Logan Edwards probably pinpoints the secret to increasing your chances to meeting the women you want and having a relationship with them early on is that you need to change yourself for the market not the market (single women) changing itself for you. You can't "be yourself" as many women often state what they want from a man and Logan explains why this is a myth and also what women are really trying to phrase with this statement.

    Many guys seem to ignore the fact that they need to change how they are and give up completely on the idea that they can meet a beautiful woman who will be suited to them based on a lack of success. Logan goes through a wide range of areas including how women think, how to improve communication, what to say and how to communicate with multiple women at once, how to improve your appearance (grooming) and what you can do to make yourself look your best! He also goes through stages of male to female communication for the first time including Open, Hook, Attract, Connect and Close.

    I would recommend this book to all men including those that have had greater success with women than many of us. While this book will not guarantee you will meet the girl of your dreams it will guarantee that you will have the skills and methods in which to be able to begin your journey and move forward to having greater success with picking up women and dating in general. After reading this book as well as others I got a girlfriend who I adore within a month so it paid for itself.

    Worth buying!!!!!!!!!!!!