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  • Brad B - Works Fine with OSX Mountain LionI bought this to be used as a time machine drive and for external storage. Even though Seagate states that this drive is not supported in Mountain Lion I have not had any problems at all. I did have to remove the existing partition and file structure and replace it using the tools in Mountain Lion.

    All and all it works very well.
  • TealSays "...and that's the truth Ruth!" - Take That Cold Sores!This has been a life saver (appearance wise), because of cold sores there have been times when I wore surgical masks to hide them, (believe me - based on the appearance of my mouth - this was far better option that going bare-faced). I don't get that (warning) itch, so on most mornings, I smooth very little over my lips (rubbing it in, letting it dry), and repeat the same in the evening. No problem wearing my fav' lipstick over it either! (A tube lasted three, almost four weeks.) It's been over 2-months with out a cold sore. Where as before I had a few outbreaks within the same time period. So yeah, great price, (cost $22.00 at local drug store). I've tried this in the pump as well, and I recommend this over the pump version, as lots of the product gets left in the pump.

    I just wonder, since I use a little of this every day, if my body might become immune to it at some time.
  • Javier del Bosco - Just like Mom used to spray!Ever wonder why your Mom's dishes had that certain "zippy zest" that your cooking just can't duplicate? Now you can have her secret "weapon" in your own kitchen! Just a few quick blasts into your turkey's cavity will add some real pizazz to your Thanksgiving spread! It's also a nice surprise in the boudoir. Spice things up tonight!