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  • Rodger - Works for meI kind of get the idea that different probiotic products work differently for people. Well this one works for me at least. I've be using it for more than a 2 months now and I can report that I am very pleased with the results. The capsule is easy to take and seems to calm any digestive problems. I highly recommend you try it if your looking for a probiotic.
  • BriK - Finally! Got what was looking for!Nice piece of equipment that made my 5 years old 67” Samsung to be a SMART TV.
    The setup was quite easy, very simple interface. Installed Nova Launcher, looks even better now!
    Streams my PC media perfectly.
    Never used XBMC before getting this player, love it – plenty of channels. Set up XBMC remote on my smart phone, it is nice to be able to use the phone as a remote. XBMC plays HD video (in 720 format) smoothly and without interruption, no freezes for me so far.
    My TV is like a tablet now. Love it!
  • Shannon Ake - I love Raw Meal!I've been using Raw Meal for over a year now. Its great as a quick breakfast on mornings I don't have time to prepare something (which is most days!)and an excellent component for a raw veggie smoothie. The label recommends two scoops and I think 16 oz of water but a serving half that amount is plenty for me. The flavor is hard to describe, its very neutral and it tastes like food, like cereal and salad mixed together--kinda. There are no strong flavors, or strange or bitter tastes from chemicals. I can't say it tastes 'good' exactly but I find the flavor to be very pleasant. The neutral flavor also allows it to mix well with any other fruits or veg in a smoothie. However, If you aren't already eating a mostly plant based diet or if your taste buds are used to diet pop or fast food, the flavor might be really bad to you. I gave some to my son when he ran out of his protein powder and he swore it was horrible. he didn't finish it. So it's obviously not for everyone. I like it, I try to eat raw vegan and I'm used to these flavors. I feel good after eating it, my energy stays high until lunch time. And 8 oz. is usually enough for me to stay full until my next meal.
  • 2011 nursing student - very helpful drug guideAs a newly pharmacology student, this Pocket Drug Guide is very useful for me during meds administration...I would recommend for any nursing student who wants to be on top of his/her game. It's very portable and easy to use..very self explanatory!! Try it and you will know what I'm talking about.
  • CatMan - This broke me out of dust/cat hair hellI love this vacuum. I did a lot of research before purchasing it, because I needed something that did all of the following:
    - does a good job on hardwood floors without scratching them or leaving marks
    - picks up pet hair and cat litter without blowing it around or having to make 2+ passes
    - extra long cord (I have an old house that is short on electrical outlets)
    - crevice and brush attachments

    This vacuum fulfilled all these needs and then some. My upholstery and wool area rugs all look brand new, even though they're years old. The colors on all my rugs are brighter and they are plush and soft to walk on again. Our vacuum came with the pet hair remover attachment, which works far better than the "B" brand name (rhymes with missle) handheld pet hair vac I bought a year ago. My shabby couch looks new again. I use the brush attachment on anything I would normally dust - picture frames, lamp shades, and last but not least, antiques. I am probably in the minority here, but I have a lot of Victorian antique furniture - the kind with a million different turnings, carvings, spindles, etc. I used to spend hours cleaning them with a dust rag and q-tips (seriously). Thankfully, this vacuum has made my dusting sessions obsolete. The brush tool is great at getting in all the little spaces and sucking the dust out without scratching.

    Just a few cons, and this thing works so well that I don't mind these at all:
    - it's a little heavier than most vacuums
    - it is a little hard to push/pull on the carpet setting (because it's doing such a good job at sucking dirt out out of it!) so this is not the vacuum for, say, your frail grandmother
    - it's a really girly color (and I'm a girl)

    Other than that, I love it. Even if this thing only lasts me a year for some reason, I wouldn't hesitate to go out and buy another. That's how well it works, and how good it's made my house look.