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  • historybooklady - Buy it !!!I'm 55 and have been flirting with menopause for years...and a few weeks ago I started getting full-court-press menopausal symptoms...all at once. Hot flashes, night sweats and drumroll...menopausal dry mouth. I felt like I was sucking on a metal bumper all day. Worst taste in my mouth. Ruined the taste of food and liquids for me.

    I tried Biotene mouthwash and it said on the label it was safe to use up to 5-times a a day. But I got no long term relief....and the mouthwash really left a bad after-taste in my mouth. Blah!! I felt the Biotene gum worked better...but the gum loses its taste pretty fast. I also kept biting the inside of my cheek...since I'm not a big gum chewer.

    So... I saw Dr. Katz's Thera Breath Mouthwash on line. I highly recommend this product. It is awesome. It gave me back my normal sense of taste...instead of the taste of metal intermixed with my food and liquids. I love this product. And it's a 2-times a day mouthwash vs the 5-times a day with Biotene.

    Also...I highly recommend the citrus lozenges for between meals.
  • Peter - Much has been said about this tablet, so I'll keep this short.I love this device. It's got so much power, a great screen, snappy input, and ICS is wonderful. I can read all my books, surf the web, play console quality games and be productive on the road so nicely. Great device, good job ASUS. The recent updates have really made this thing shine. Unlocked bootloader will make this the best tablet for a while.

    gg haters.
  • Jilliansham - Love to vacuum!I lusted over the dyson commercials for months before seriously considering spending the money to buy one. This dyson is worth every penny! Easily goes under couches, tables, and chairs. Makes it fun and easy to vacuum. I used to have to swiffer dust under the couches and tables then sweep up the mess because the swiffer pad wouldn't "catch" everything. Now I don't have to mess with all of that, just grab my dyson off the charger and go! Also we have a large house (3000 sq feet) and I can use the max setting for a lot longer than the 8 minutes the book says. It doesn't lose suction and it does a fantastic job. We have a dog and it's amazing (and gross) to see all of the pet hair that it picks up on our hardwood floors DAILY! My house never looks like it needs sweeping because I literally use this daily, because it only takes a few minutes to run through the house.