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  • Sarah - Well-Researched, Well-Documented, Fun to Read

    I see this book is generating a lot of contreversy because the author states that there has been no evidence to show that light drinking in the last two trimesters of pregnancy has a negative effect on the birth or baby. People in Europe already know this (as did Americans prior to the 1980s) but nonetheless there are way too many one star reviews of the book based on people disagreeing - depsite having no studies to back up their assertions that any alcohol is dangerous. It's just political.

    I'd probably give this book four stars, personally, but I'm giving it five to help negate those silly reviews.

    Anyway, the book covers just about any issue you might be worried about when you're pregnant. It shatters myths and uses critical thinking and analysis of the research to give women a non-nonsense guide to what they need to worry about - and what they don't. I'm trying to get pregnant and the research on pre-pregnancy obesity leading to a higher chance of bad outcomes has motivated me to try to lose weight before getting pregnant.

    The writing style is engaging, serious without being too scholarly. A much-needed book.

  • Ilsi Alas - Medicine Referrences

    I needed this book for school, as well and it has helped me a lot with the medication references. And I love it because its pocket size and I can carry it with me anywhere I go.

  • Mr. Garret J. Fitzgerald - Take your binder off to war

    This binders are simple and durable, and as President I will send your boys off to Iran armed fully with a full set of colored binders, red, white and blue. Yea America...GO GO GO!!! KILL KILL KILL!!!!
    And the little women will be at home in their binders cooking dinner and waiting patiently for your return.
    And we'll make sure you have a $1.00 a day job waiting for you when you return.
    Vote Romney.

  • Melesio Vega Velez - Rad Cycle Product I like

    I really enjoy using the Rad Cycle Bicycle Trainer. It is winter and I can stay active indoors while riding my bicycle. One good feature is if you need the space, bicycle can be dismounted, and the Rad Cycle can be collapsed for easy storage. I recommend this product if you want to stay active indoors when the weather or the season doesn't allow you that freedom.

  • laura castrilli - This really works!

    Bought the hard copy for my mom- I have the kindle version. Within three weeks mom was off the fast acting insulin and lost around 13 pounds. She has lost over 25 pounds since starting July 15- her last TOPS weigh in was September 12. She only gained half a pound on a 7 day cruise in mid August. I hope to have her off the slow acting insulin by Christmastime. I have lost 20 pounds. I love the kindle version as I've bookmarked lists and recipes and can look up information quickly while grocery shopping.