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  • CuriousD - Love this chair! Easy to clean and sturdy.So after looking around for a high chair, I finally decided to get this travel table chair first and then get a regular high chair later if needed. Well, we love this chair so much that no other chair is needed. It's easy to install and take down, wipes off well and is great for when we go to grandma's house. I also like how deep my lil guy sits down into it and how our granite counter top is his tray. He eats with mommy and daddy!

    I'd recommend this table chair to friends but a lot of them get nervous, just looking at it. I try to reassure them that it's incredibly sturdy (I can even put my weight on it but the rubber grip arms hold) but they seem to not believe me. haha
  • NYGL6511 "nygl" - Definitely works for appetite control!I have used one bottle about 6 pills a day. 3 in the morning and 3 in the late afternoon and I absolutely felt less desire to eat anything! I have been off of it now for 2 weeks and definitely can feel the difference. It doesnt help with just shedding pounds it helps with your appetite.
  • Karen S Lightfoot - Another fine thought provoking novel by Dan BrownI really liked the multi-faceted characters in this novel. I loved that the very smart women worked together in the end with the other nerds to save the world and promote evolution. I recommend this novel to anyone who believes in thinking. I gave it 5 stars because Sienna rocks, warts and all.