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Country: Oceania, AU, Australia

City: Melbourne, Victoria

  • MD Handyman - Invaluable for a long trip!We just bought this to update our last copy, I think 2006. It's set up to get to what you need quickly by state & highway. The new binding is a great addition....we really mangled the last one. I highly recommend it if you're going on a long trip. Better than our GPS ( although I LOVE GPS!). That being said, when we travel nowadays, if at all possible we choose U.S. routes & state routes. Much more interesting & you get to actually interact with life when you're on the road instead of the anonymous monotony of the Interstate system, as convenient as it is. Definitely worth the money.
  • Sean Miller - Great OSOverall I've had a positive experience with Windows 8 so far. I've only been using Windows 8 for a couple of weeks, but it was much easier to adapt to from Win 7 than I had heard. My average boot time seems much faster than 7, and programs seem to load slightly faster. I haven't run into any compatibility issues yet. I'm not really an 'app' person (I prefer my games and software in a more traditional installation), but there are some handy apps out on the marketplace. The marketplace does already have a lot of apps, but it's still in it's infancy. Win 8 does have some room for improvement with the interface I think. There are a few design choices Microsoft made that makes perfect sense for a tablet / phone (like hiding the shut down button), but are bad choices for a desktop pc (like hiding the shut down button). Overall, I think it's a better OS than Windows 7 (and don't get me wrong - I love Windows 7).
  • Sarah Wegiel - This is a solid spin bike that won't disappoint you and is worth the investment.This is a solid spin bike that won't disappoint you and is worth the investment. There are enough adjustments to make the geometry for riding just right - even if you are height challenged. The 20 gears provides a flat road spin to an out of the saddle mountain climb with never a wobble or shake to the sturdy frame. I bought this bike after using it at my Health Club. They have a Spin Studio full of these bikes that have held up to the test of both time and heavy use. You won't be disappointed by the quiet nature of this bike either.
  • Dharmadog "Dharmadog" - Great Picture, Easy Menus, Plenty of ConnectionsThis TV has a fantastic picture. The remote and the menus are easy to use, and the TV itself is easy to set up, including getting the TV connected to a home network. Everything is really self-explanatory and I didn't need to use the manual for any part of the assembly or setup. All in all, I love it. Couldn't be happier.
  • Gayle - Better Than EverMy favorite part of QB 2012 is the calendar. For those people who are used to having the calendar in Quicken and miss not being able to use this powerful visual tool it's really great to have it in QB.QuickBooks Pro 2012