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  • Netwark5 - Spectacular!I was looking for a replacement for a traditional 5.1 system that I was using for the last 10 years. The system was getting dated and tired; as well, the unsightly wires were tiring and I wasn't interested in hiring a crew to rip holes in my wall for a new overpriced Bose system. So I searched high and low for a replacement. I looked into sound-bar technology because I wanted a cleaner look but didn't want to sacrifice the traditional surround sound feel. Quite honestly, Klipsch was the last name that I looked at. Their tag line is "Keepers of the Sound"...and all I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW.
    This system is absolutely spectacular. My room is about 20ft by 20ft with standard height ceilings so nothing out of the ordinary. But this system, with it's clean lines, uncomplicated set-up and wireless sub-woofer does not disappoint. The system has a "3D" mode which, for the purest of listeners, may not reach to the finesse level of a very high end 5.1 or 7.1 system, but this Klipsch is a super, super product that I would recommend to anyone who wants to experience a film at home in a way that I did not think possible. Watching the first 10 minutes of the Avengers was literally like sitting in the theater; complete with my couch vibrating from this thunderous 300 watt system. The room was filled with sound but nothing, absolutely nothing was lost in the experience. The dialog was crisp, the action was intense and the music filled the room.
    If you are looking for a system that delivers the hype, look no further than Klipsch.
  • Nancy C. Thornburg - I love the tabletBut I've had some interesting interactions with tech support. One told me I couldn't download the Kies program because I have a 64 bit computer. The next tech said I could, too, download it but why bother anyway? One tech gave me a very convoluted approach to transferring photos and music from my PC to the tablet which involved going out and buying a microchip and using it as the "go between". The next tech showed me how to "drag and drop" photos and music from the PC to the table. So clearly Samsung needs to improve its tech support training. But otherwise I love the tablet.
  • Loyd E. Eskildson "Pragmatist" - Good Summary -As the new Millennium began, America led the world in adoption of Internet access; ten years later we'd fallen far behind most industrialized nations in terms of speed and prices charged. Most Americans receive Internet via slow copper wires, and nearly 30% aren't connected at all. Only 7% of Americans are connected to optical fiber, vs. nearly half for South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong; meanwhile, our service costs about 6X that in Hong Kong and 5X that in Stockholm. Crawford's book tells the story of how the Comcast-NBCU merger occurred (paid $13.8 billion), helping this oligopoly situation.

    Comcast is the communications equivalent of Standard Oil in the Rockefeller era. Even before its merger with NBC Universal it was the nation's largest cable operator and the owner of many cable content properties - including 11 regional sports networks. It had almost 16 million subscribers. NBC Universal owned some of the most popular cable networks and one of the largest broadcast networks. The merged company would control 20% of all television viewing in the U.S. Mobile wireless is too slow to compete.

    A similar situation happened in the 1880s when 15 holding companies controlled 85% of electricity distribution, and the FTC found they routinely gouged consumers. In response, thousands of communities formed their own electrical utilities, more than 2,000 U.S. communities such as L.A., San Antonio, and Seattle, provide their own power, and electricity is a regulated public utility. Only a few cities provide their own Internet service (eg. Chattanooga, TN and Lafayette, LA) , there's no regulation of Internet rates and service, and the leaders reap 95% profit rates.

    New entrant Google is now offering 700 MB service in Kansas City for $70/month, Comcast sells 100-megabit service for $200/month. Using a standard cable connection, backing up 5 GB of data takes 90 minutes; with a gigabyte connection, it can be done in less than a minute. Cable wire is 20X faster than 4G wireless. With a fully fiber-based network video conferencing would become routine and every household could see 3D and Super HD images. Bringing fiber to all Americans would cost an estimated $50 - $90 billion, per Corning Glass.

    Bottom-Line: American homes and businesses are being gouged by an oligopoly of Internet providers.
  • Jesse Price "fatnub" - Its a exercixse game.It has lots of different activity's to do. I have not done them all yet. Before buying I looked on you tube and watched videos about the game. I would recommend doing that and then you can see exactly what playing the game will look like. I like that you see yourself in the game. I would recommend this game its enjoyable for a work out game.
  • Jean-Luc - Cool BackupNo issue with my 64 bit 8 GB orf RAM Vista computer. I just had to firewall the Seagate service, but this is minor compared to the quality of this drive. I also have a Seagate expansion drive that I purchased from Amazon. Great, no issue either. I believe, if one has a good computer system with good power performance options, cleaners and antivirus, those backups are great and longlasting. If any worry for long term usage just go to an expert computer repair shop and ask to check the disk and install new ventilated enclosure.