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Country: Europe, IE, Ireland

  • Heather Sanders - Cannot rave about this product enoughI have a dyson DC 07 which was the orginal yellow upright. Love that vaccumm and it still works wonders! But my Dyson DC44 Digital slim takes the cake!! It is so easy to use and the cordless feature makes getting it out effortless. I literally use it multiple times in a day and never have a problem with battery power or suction power. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! The absolute only thing I would change is the power button. I wish there was a way to just turn it on without holding the trigger but in the same regard it does save battery when you are not using it!
  • E. Beam - Good decisionI used Quicken years ago, but not for a long time, so when I decided to get a better system in place for handling finances I turned again to Quicken. The download and installation was quick and simple, as was linking to my various financial institutions. I love the one step update feature that lets me connect to several different websites and download transactions by using just one password. Updating credit card, checking, CDs, IRAs and mutual funds just takes a few seconds.

    The reports are great. One reason I started using it was to track medical expenses (hubby is undergoing cancer treatments) and I can click on the medical portion of the graph to get a quick list of all payments. I can then refine it by payee, which makes it easier to reconcile bills from providers and insurance EOBs.