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  • Scott - ASUS Tablet was the perfect choiceI bought this for work, and looked at all tablets (including iPads). First I set $500 as my cap, but moved it to $700 to include and compare more tablets and more options. Purchased this for $600 (I think it was $614 including tax, 2 day shipping, etc).

    I'm not a fan of smart phones. I use my phone (a lot) for business, but texts, calls, conference calls, GPS and camera are all I need and want in a phone, and my (non)smart phone does all those things better than most smart phones AND the battery lasts 10X longer than a smart phone. But my business sometimes requires me to have email access also when I'm out of the office. I'm 55, don't like wearing reading glasses, so I decided to get the largest, clearest, easiest smart phone I could get... and this tablet was it.

    It's awesome. The battery is great, lasts much longer than my partner's smart phone battery. The screen is large and clear. I can easily type on the touch screen with my fat fingers, etc. I've only had it a couple months but I do use it quite a bit and like it. I thought I'd resist it as much as I resist smartphones, but I don't. I use it and like it. Never hangs, easy to use, quick boot, large clear screen, light, thin.

    Great investment. I'd buy it again for sure.
  • Itchie Feet "Itchie Feet" - Great productThis is such a great tablet but then I knew it would be. It is really nice to be able to look things up quickly or play games on it from my recliner.
  • - He has no peerI have experienced - over the last 40 years - many of the states so eloquently portrayed and described by Mr Grey. These are states that go beyond the verbal consensual validations we use to describe things in our everyday speech. These are exceptionally prescient glimpses into a land beyond our 3-dimensional atomic structure, and what is so wonderful is that these universal truths are not limited by religion. It is not necessary to "be" a Buddhist, a Hindu, etc. My "Collective Vision," so similar in its representation of a spiritual 'collective unconscious,' is in no way dimmed because I hold the resurrected Messiah in my heart. These are precious truths, and we are fortunate to behold this art.
    My own journey out of schizophrenia holds many of these images as signposts ()
  • Danielle - Better for me 2nd time roundI am reviewing this after my second reading. I don't often re-read books, but wanted a refresher before getting into book 3.

    I have to say, I have enjoyed it more this time. The first time I read it, I think I wanted more of the same from Divergent. And I didn't get what I wanted.
    However, second pass, I see the quality in it. I see Tris suffering post traumatic stress, with the kind of behavior that comes after suffering so much trauma.
    I see the people around, also dealing with similar, reacting in the only ways they know how.

    Roth describes the collapse of an attempted utopia. The inherent badness of all of us creeping back in. The inability of people to see past themselves, and see the world from the outside. The inner secrets that frustrate the onlooker but make perfect sense to the person struggling. Humanity at its best and worst, very real.

    I am glad I re-read it, and can't wait to begin book 3 tonight.
  • jorge roque - It's great!I bought both Proactive and Exposed at the same time for my friends 13 year old daughter. She is already getting bad acne. Proactive was a failure. Exposed is working good, so I've continue to buy it for her. I do recommend it and I hope it will work for you as well since we are all different.