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  • D. Whitney - Priceless book for surviving DisneyLand with kids

    Several friends recommended older versions of this book, but I was going to pass on it since I'd been to DL a few times in my life. I bought it anyway and I am forever grateful. The difference between frustration and joy at DisneyLand can be a fine line when traveling with kids, and this book kept us firmly on the joy side the whole way.

    The descriptions of how each ride might be received by various age kids was great. Having a reasonable idea of what rides my 8 and 11 year olds would like before getting there saved us lots of time, and you cannot spend too much time in lines for rides you wont like at DisneyLand and enjoy the day. Lines can vary from 5 min to over an hour throughout the day, and optimizing your trip (while it sounds mechanical) makes it much more fun. The MouseWait iPhone app was also priceless in this regard, often more accurate than Disney's own line length estimates(!)

    If for no other reason, the tips on getting selected for Jedi Academy was worth the price alone. Extra bonus for the Universal Studios section which again saved us lots of time even though our first attempt at Universal was turned back by a power outage at the park.

    Is this the best guide? It didn't tell us where to find a gallon of milk, but that's about it as far as we were concerned. It was well worth it for us.

  • MICHELLE SMITH - Great way of living

    I bought this book to get to loose weight. It has helped so much more. I have lost 15 lbs and still loosing. My husband had a daily cough that numerous doctors could not help. Buy changing our way of eating it has almost totally gone away. He used to have 10-12 cough drops a day. Now he goes with days without having not even one. It is quite some work for the first 20 days, but then it starts to become 2nd nature to the way we eat. It is really worth trying.

  • Bookworm1020 - Loved every word!

    After reading/loving 50 Shades and the Crossfire trilogy, I was skeptical about this one. I was very pleasantly surprised! I could hardly put it down! It was nice but having some deep dark past plaguing their need for control and kink; it is just who they are and they embrace it. The story was good, good writing style and flow, and strong characters. And THANK GOD for 3rd person perspective! FINALLY! I went right from this book into the next. This book finally satisfied my cravings for a well written erotic romance. Well done. GO READ IT!

  • Pamela G Ryan - Really Great Product

    RepHresh is a great product. It works great. Not messy. and gives you that fresh feeling. I would recommend this to all women who want a great ph balance. I have used this product for years. Won't go without it..lasts for a week no matter how intimate you are..Better than other method of cleansing.

  • Brian C. Gardner - The Book America Most Needs Right Now

    Christmas is real. Not only is it real but, just as the earth was created in six literal days six thousand years ago, it is more powerful
    than the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Veteran's Day, Labor day, and Memorial Day combined. It is the Voltron of Holy Days, not to be confused with
    the liberal facade of "holidays."

    Thankfully, our most blessed nation above all others has a beacon to light our path: Sarah Palin. Were it not for her bravery, sacred truths about America's most sacred Holy Day would be lost. For example, did you know that Jesus performed his first miracle on the very day of His birth? After receiving the gold, frankincense, and myrrh our Baby Lord fashioned them into the world's first firearm. If you didn't know that, odds are that you've spent far too much of your life listening to what godless liberals have to say.

    There are just too many unique and wonderful stories, as well as top-notch scholarship, in this magnificent tome for the ages that a review could never do justice to its superlative greatness. This is a book that truly needs to be studied out.

    For the love of our Supreme Baby Lord, study it out.