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  • Michael A. Hammond "mhammond3" - Rogaine Success storyas many of you may know, I am a Native Armenian. In our culture we value hair all over our bodies. Unfortunately, I was unable to get hair to grow on my back and buttocks - that is until I found Rogaine. Now I have a healthy hair look that is the envy of my Armenian neighbors when I go to the pool.
  • dorothy b. - best tablet choice!!I LOVE my kindle!!! I did a lot of research before I bought myself a tablet and couldn't be happier with my choice. Iwanted something that was simple to use but had many features. Iwanted to be able to do work, research, have aguide for the kitchen and be able to read anywhere!!! It's so easy to use, so convenient, and is the best all around! My 67 year old mother can use it with ease and my husband now uses it to look something up, like snowblower repair video. I s will be buying them both one for Christmas (should the budget slide, if not mom comes first!!) Thank you for a great product Amazon!!!!
  • Tom Negrino "Author, tech pundit. Broccoli is... - Faster, super easy setup, wide variety of content; what's not to like?I already had a Roku 2 XS, which has now been relegated to the bedroom TV. I like the Roku 3 mainly for the extra speed of its processor over the older unit, which provides snappier UI performance and which also allows it to stream some movie files from my Plex Media Server without the need for transcoding on the server. Highly recommended. I also own an Apple TV, and if you are trying to decide which to get, I think the Roku 3 wins hands down, mainly because of its far larger range of content channels.
  • JohnBick "JohnBick" - Wondered if I would Really Use this...I bought this on a whim (price was right) but wondered whether, after using Quicken for years, it would really be useful... IT WAS AND IS! I am learning about handy features I never thought existed! Browsed the book with a pad of small"stickies" to mark places to return to and was amazed how many things I have marked! And I am generally a go-to person for Quicken questions!

    It's really easy to skim through. If you hit a feature you were not aware of just mark it and move on. Then go back when you are in front of the computer with Quicken running and check out the tabs. I try to get to one every day.

    I definitely recommend this, even for experienced users.
  • RealWoman - Life saver.I know someone who hasn't had problems with hair will not understand this but here I go. This product has changed my life by changing one of my biggest insecurities, my facial hair! I have had a BEARD that I have hidden for almost a decade! I spent HOURS of my life pulling hairs, almost endlessly at night with tweazers, shaving, and waxing the dark hairs. I never let people touch my face. I felt uncomfortable leaning my head back, or being in natural light with out my makeup on my face. Oh! And I had six rounds of laser hair removal, with no results. So I felt that even though I take very good care of my outward appearance I may just have to deal with the hairs, ingrown hairs, and embarassment for the rest of my life. Then I stumbled upon at home ipl. I scoured reviews to decide which to purchase, and even though this "isn't for facial hair" my research determined this would be no different than the others as far as safety was concerned. Ok, so first use, yuck. My hairs felt thicker! Worse than ever! But I had researched enough to know this was a good thing! So I kept shaving and I did it every other day. Look, I know this was against the directions but I am hair free. I did that for two weeks. Then once a week. Then once a month. And my face has never been smoother! I am still on the first cartridge. I don't have and dark shaddow on my face anymore. I feel ultra feminine. I can tilt my head back and laugh! So bottom line if you're still reading this and you are dealing with my old problem, go for it.