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  • John S. Clonch - A Wealth of KnowledgeThe book is very comprehensive. It is huge and full of great information. As with most books of it's type it cannot contain the latest additions with each manufacturer. The pricing is helpful but not exact as prices have been changing radically in today's times. Highly recommend this reference book to anyone interested in firearms.
  • D. Swaim - Finally! Something that WORKS!!I have used literally THOUSANDS of "acne clearing" products and this is the first one I have ever found that works. Admittedly, I've only been using it for a few weeks and hopefully, it will not stop working (this is true of many products once your skin gets used to the product), but until then, I have seen pimples disappear before my eyes. Honestly, I can't reccommend it enough, and if you're worried about the cost, add up the cost you've spent on all those products in the medicine cabinet (none of which work) and see how much they've cost over the years. That's what I did and gave it a shot. I'm glad I did!
  • Larrie Hutton "neural networker" - I bought 3 for my home and love the new OSSo far, I have had no real problems; some apps did not reinstall, but very few. I installed each machine twice: the standard upgrade, and then the option to reinstall from scratch (keeping documents and many programs intact), and getting everything to work again actually resulted in a leaner, faster machine. Many of the older apps were replaced with superior versions and, amazingly, I wound up with more disk space after the install than before. Part of this was because I removed the Windows 8 install (basically, the install DVD saved to disk) and windows.old, with no ill effects at all. I liked Windows 7, but this much more.

    One thing that made the transition smoother is that I had recently gotten my wife an Apple iPad Mini (I'm no fan of Apple, but that's what she wanted), so I was familiar with the store with many free apps that were exceptionally easy to install, and an environment in which it was rarely necessary to formally close an application - one just opens another app. I did like the Apple style and it was nice to have its best features (to me) now a part of Windows. As a techie, I also liked the expanded task manager, services detail, etc. and their accessibility. I missed the classical start menu at first, but now don't mind it at all. In fact , the entire "modern desktop" is in some ways a very large, well-designed start menu. The classical desktop is still there, but I seldom use it except to run apps that do not have the Windows 8 interface.