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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • serge - Wife loves it

    After my wife had her braces installed it got harder for her to floss. Bought this unit based on how much pressure this unit produces. Its been almost a year and this unit passes the test. We don't even use it on full power, that's how strong it is. It's like having a mini pressure washer in your bathroom. Very satisfied.

  • Jay - Simply the best

    As of this moment, I would have to agree with the hype that this tablet is simply the best! Since others have written such lengthy and comprehensive reviews, I will keep this one short. Things I like most about the tablet:

    * Awesome processing/graphics speeds.

    * Very slim (the sliest tablet to date I believe) and light weight, yet quite sturdy!

    * The optional keyboard has a 6 hour battery in it, and when the tablet is connected to the keyboard, the tablet actually re-
    charges from that battery! Very cool!

    Every memeber of the IT team I work on agree this thing is amazing!