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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • serge - Wife loves itAfter my wife had her braces installed it got harder for her to floss. Bought this unit based on how much pressure this unit produces. Its been almost a year and this unit passes the test. We don't even use it on full power, that's how strong it is. It's like having a mini pressure washer in your bathroom. Very satisfied.
  • Jay - Simply the bestAs of this moment, I would have to agree with the hype that this tablet is simply the best! Since others have written such lengthy and comprehensive reviews, I will keep this one short. Things I like most about the tablet:

    * Awesome processing/graphics speeds.

    * Very slim (the sliest tablet to date I believe) and light weight, yet quite sturdy!

    * The optional keyboard has a 6 hour battery in it, and when the tablet is connected to the keyboard, the tablet actually re-
    charges from that battery! Very cool!

    Every memeber of the IT team I work on agree this thing is amazing!