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  • poetic ram - Great chair! Love it!This chair is great! We take it everywhere. It is portable and even fits nicely on bar tops (like at our local hot dog place that only has running overhang). It is also nice at restaurants because you can mount it in the booth so that your kid isn't hanging out on the end where they are serving food over top of him/her. I've also washed all the parts and it's very easy to get on and off. We don't go anywhere without this chair. It's compact, light and I have had so many people ask me where I got it from. There is a reason it is a best seller on Amazon. It was a great investment for our family!!!
  • BlondeTeacher - Clear, beautiful skin!I used to get sporadic acne that would leave my skin looking less than perfect. About 8 months ago, I started used Exposed Acne Treatment, it was a miracle. I had tried every other acne product (Proactive and kits from the local drug store), but nothing worked the way Exposed does. I haven't had a single break out since I started. Additionally, the products do not smell like medicine and they are extremely gentle.
  • G Lucas - A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.It is a period of civil war.
    Rebel spaceships, striking
    from a hidden base, have won
    their first victory against
    the evil Denon Empire.

    During the battle, Rebel
    spies managed to steal secret
    plans to the Empire's
    ultimate weapon, the AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable, a connector and cable structure with enough power
    to destroy an entire planet.

    Pursued by the Empire's
    sinister agents, Princess
    Leia races home aboard her
    starship, custodian of the
    stolen plans that can prevent her
    people from bending and breaking and restore
    freedom to the galaxy....
  • Annie - AMAZING!!!!I LOVE this vacuum! This may be one of the best investments I've ever made. I received it yesterday and it was just perfect in vacuuming my carpet. My aunt owns one which she had for about a year now and it is still in amazing condition and vacuuming at full power. BUY NOW, especially if you have pets. I have a 9 week old kitten and she doesn't shed much now, but I'm sure she will and I glad to have this amazing vacuum to get my carpets and everywhere else clean.