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  • Musicstore4you - The Best stroller you could have - only UNOSorry for my bad grammar,but i think you will understand importance of my review

    The best stroller i got is Peg Perego UNO.First my ordered stroller was PEG PEREGO SI and that is lightweight,but absolutely doesn't like as long time stroller.For couple travelings it looks OK,but not more then that.I even didn't use it,because i see that is not really good stroller for every day using.

    The Second my stroller was PEG PEREGO PLIKO P3.That one looks on the picture more stronger then SI model,but when i got it - i saw that that stroller also is not good.
    * It is same as SI too shaky and look like it will be broken on the next feet of riding
    * The basket is too small and not convenient to hold anything.
    * The stroller doesn't have any pneumatic wheels,so your baby is shaking in this stroller very bad even on straight road and looks very uncomfortable and tired during sitting instead of the rest.Totally no difference between umbrella stroller for $20 and this expensive $300 stroller.
    * The wheels are very hard moving,you loose a lot of power and as other Buyer said right - you need to go to Gym to have enough power to use this stroller.
    * The handle can't be switched,so you cant see you baby face and stay him alone.
    * The last thing that changed my mind to keep it is the accident with PLIKO P3 on the intersection.It almost fall down with my baby on a side.After that i understand that this stroller is not secure and i will not put my baby under the risk anymore.So i contact Amazon and return it.And really i do not recommend to use PLIKO P3 - it has a nice design,but that is absolutely not secure stroller.

    Both of Strollers SI and PLIKO P3 have 2 separate handles instead of one big.I think one handle is better.Firstable you can't handle the stroller by one hand,and that takes a lot of power from you to push 2 small handles instead of one big.Plus you have less control on the stroller with 2 handles.At least i have an experience with both handles types and could compare them.

    But i like the design of PEG PEREGO because their sits are really large and really good for my big baby.So i did the search and found PEG PEREGO UNO.It has same design of the sit as PLIKO P3,but with more features.So i ordered and when i got it,you can't see how is happy i was. Finally i got everything i need in one stroller
    * Very easy Moving Stroller.You totally do not feel any hardness in using.I catch myself that i run with this stroller,because it is very easy and fast riding so i run behind it.
    * Convertible Carriage to Stroller System,2 in one.If you buy this stroller,you don't need to buy 2 separate strollers
    * Big Pneumatic Wheels provide comfort to baby without bad shaking,other swing wheels are big enough too
    * Really Big basket could hold a lot of shopping bags and baby items
    * Strong Stroller,not shaky as PLIKO P3 or SI,Pretty secure
    * The Seat design is same as PLIKO P3,but it has more padding and when my baby seat there - he lie there so long with happy face which means that is more puffy and more comfortable to my baby as previous his PLIKO
    * This Stroller has full lying position so your baby could lie flat when sleeps
    * The handle is one piece which is very comfortable to use it with one or two hands
    * Easy Folding

    So please do not spend your time and do not put your baby under risk while you find good stroller.Check the colors and price on Amazon.UNO is more expensive stroller then PLIKO P3,but i bought for $300 Color Gala,when same color in PLIKO cost $329.99.So if you are not strict in the colors - you could check which colors are cheaper and buy for same price as Pliko,maybe $50 more,but this small difference will give you big comfort for you and your Baby.You will not find any better stroller on the market then this one PLIKO UNO.

    It is has all features of Carriage and stroller in one.So instead of Buying of PEREGO SKATE which costs double more and much heavier, buy PEREGO UNO,save a few hundreds dollars an enjoy it with your baby.

    Hope it will help you to make right decision.
  • Chris Mejia - The first time I've gone to battle with a cold sore and won...I have been getting cold sores about once a year for as long as I can remember. I have tried many different over-the-counter products, with no proof that they did anything to help the cold sores. I have also tried prescription medications, including Zovirax (Acyclovir) and Valtrex. Though I like to convince myself that the prescription meds helped, they didn't do much. Part of the problem is that you'd like to treat as soon as you know a cold sore is coming, but you may have to call a doctor to get a prescription, and it takes a while for the medicine to build up in your bloodstream, and by the time it starts taking effect you've got an angry cold sore on your hands.

    Christmas Day 2008, I wake up with a Christmas present to myself, the visible start of a cold sore on my upper lip. Yuck. Usually my odds are better if I catch a cold sore in the "tingling" phase, and if I don't notice it until it's visible I'm in deep trouble. Since my prescription had expired and I had no chance of getting it renewed in time, I headed to the drugstore. Abreva seemed to set itself apart from other products. Small tube in a big package with a big price. Oh well, it's worth a shot...

    Anyway, after three days of applying this product whenever possible, the cold sore is on its way out! I can't believe it! The sore never erupted or became ulcerated. The whole process usually takes 10 days to two weeks, and includes an ugly scab at the end. This time, the sore just tested the waters and got a little hot, then the Abreva scared it away. Hurray Abreva! Anyway, I can't guarantee it will work as well for everyone else, but I finally feel that I have found a product that will keep my cold sores under control.