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  • Herbert Otto - STCA4000100 works with WinXP

    I had expected to divide the 4 TB into 2 partitions. But when I connected to one of my Windows XP PCs, I was surprised to see the report from Disk Manager - Win XP was seeing the whole thing - over 3.6 TB! After consulting with others who agreed it should Not work - I settled down to test. I filled up the drive to over 3 TB - then read back random files. It worked!
    The system I used for testing was Windows XP Pro - 32 bit. Then I tried the same series of tests on another PC - with Windows XP Home. It also worked!
    I'll interject here - with a WDC drive - the systems can only see 2 TB - as expected on a 32 bit system.
    So - Seagate software people have worked some magic in the drivers - to overcome the problem. I've been searching for an answer - but meantime - bought a second external drive - and it works the same!
    Use the Seagate Dashboard - to set the timer - so the drive will wind down - during off times - and not burn up.
    I'm a very happy convert. I have over 50 External Drives - mostly WDC. I'm now using Seagate.
    I'll add - Amazing price on the 4 TB drives !

  • O. Buxton "Olly Buxton (@electricray)" - Vitriol tempered with redemption: The Floyd smell the coffee

    What with the punk explosion, the late 70s must have been a tough time for prog-rockers - and none would have felt it worse than the kings of unfathomable psychedelic rock themselves, Pink Floyd.

    Well, think about it: as far as Joe Public is concerned, it's a flip of the coin whether you or the Callaghan Labour government are responsible for the Sex Pistols. Either way it doesn't look good for your prospect of selling any records.

    So is the goose finally cooked, then?

    Not quite.

    Step forward Roger Waters, a thoughtful and articulate - if irretrievably hung-up - man, and a man who must have been growing increasingly frustrated at being typecast as the progenitor of long albums peppered with infrequent, impenetrable lyrics (been "caught in the crossfire between childhood and stardom" recently, anyone?), lavish but inexpert keyboard knoodling and gifted but indulgent lead guitar work. (Readers may like to know I take a dim view of Wish You Were Here.)

    So Mister Waters calls a band meeting. He says, "alright chaps, now listen up: this time we're going to do it my way. David: crank your guitar up. Play urgent, driving, dissonant chords. Make your solos somehow less comfy - put some edge in there, make it discordant, really wind it up. Rick: less knoodling from you, please: just play a few chords and keep your mouth shut. Nick: go drive one of your racing cars. I'll call you when I need you. If I need you. Everyone: Here are the lyrics I've written. They're about pigs, dogs, sheep and Mary Whitehouse. It's a political allegory. There are forty five pages of them."

    Well, you can just imagine the curt stage whisper from D. Gilmour, can't you. Gilmour is known for his dry wit. But at this point, what remained of Waters' sense of humour had all but evaporated - he was shortly to get to the point of gobbing at fans in concert - so perhaps Gilmour saw the valour of discretion and kept his trap shut. And, like a general directing an army, Waters brooked no further argument. Animals was born. Ironic, really.

    Happily, the result is just what the doctor ordered as an antidote to "the malaise": an intense, urgent, driving album. In parts, it's (deliberately) ugly. But mostly, it's angry: Waters' invective is at his most stinging, and this time the targets (political and moralist figures amongst them) are thoroughly deserving of his ire.

    And suddenly, the Sex Pistols and the Floyd are on the same side of the fence again. You wouldn't read about it.

    Nevertheless, the record starts and ends on an unexpectedly reflective note - opener Pigs and its closing reprise are far more tender than you'd credit, and for that very reason I think the album itself works better than its more reknowned successors. Where both the Wall and the Final Cut transpire to be permanent downers, Animals has the scent of redemption about it.

    Not something you'd say about much of Roger waters' recorded output since, methinks.

  • Jessie - Freaking Awesome!

    Ok, so I ordered this to try and got in the mail today. I looked over the directions it came with and went to the video on youtube as it suggests. I completed the steps in under 5 minutes and have a wonderful fix for my missing tooth until I can afford a bridge. The directions say to use 10 to 12 beads for a small tooth and 15 to 20 for larger tooth. I ended up having to use the 20 and I am not missing a very big tooth. But, if you make a mistake, just reheat the beads and reform them. Just remember to leave it in for enough time to set up properly otherwise it smooshes when you take it out. The fake tooth seems to be fairly comfortable. It does feel a little tight, but the directions say that will get better with use.

    I just obtained a higher profile job, and I was so self-conscious about having a gap in my smile even though it wasn't really prominent. I am so happy with this product!!

  • P. Wells - Hard Care North Carolina Basketball Fan, Love This Book!!

    I am a hard-core North Carolina Tarheel basketball fan and graduate.

    Having got that out the way, I loved this book! It was well-written and offers very practical insights on toughness.

    I like the wide variety of sports and non-sports people Bilas cites as examples of toughness. He uses Mia Hamm, Mark Alarie, Johnny Dawkins, Dean Smith, Coach K, and many other people to describe toughness.

    I appreciate his story about how the Duke Basketball team felt after North Carolina lost to Kansas in the 1991 Final Four, really interesting.

    On a personal note, I remember something Bilas said to us basketball campers in 1986 when I attended Duke basketball camp. That was 27 1/2 years ago and has stayed with me all these years. He was and is a true role model for all youngsters, even fans of North Carolina!

  • Kathy Harris - Important to understand why your internet is so darn expensive

    I find it interesting that of the last 27 one star reviews, exactly 20 of them were first time reviewers, one paragraph, and most with a simple first name. Hmmm. 7 seemed to be legitimate one star reviews.

    I agree that the book is repetitive and dry. However, it is important to know why in the next 10 or so years the "haves" will have access to information, trade, and knowledge while the "have nots" will not. As schools are trying to deal with smaller budgets, as students are expected to buy expensive textbooks tied to the publishing industrial complex, and as students are needing more diverse learning - the internet will become more and more required like the telephone of the 80s.