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  • NewMamma - New Mom who loves it!I got this book as a gift and now I've given them out to 3 other new moms. I found myself referring to this book quite frequently after coming home from the hospital. It really helped me as a new mom not to worry about every little thing! Now instead of sending flowers, we bring this book to visit new moms and they all have loved it!
  • Autler - Works Best with Aloe Vera JuiceI've been taking these for 8 months now and coupled with aloe vera juice, it has significantly reduced my digestion issues. Best to take it on an empty stomach and separate from any psyllium supplements. Yes, it's overpriced but for me- well worth it. Tell your doctor if you're considering taking Align and they'll usually stock you with free samples!
  • Nicole A. Nehme - It works, it works!Totally works. Best money I ever spent. Annoying little hairs are gone, non existent. Yes I used this device 1xweekx4weeks to achieve results. I don't recommend that anyone else do this but I had no negative side effects from treating this way. I love this device, I would have paid double to achieve these results. Truly amazed.
    ***update!*** have used the device to get those last few hairs that were in the wrong phase to be successfully zapped. I am thrilled to announce I no longer need to shave the area ever and only on rare occasion do I need to tweeze a random stray hair. It not only works but it is permanent. It's liberating to not have the worry of embarrassing stubble. It is a pricy little device but worth it's weight in platinum for the results. This has done wonders for my self confidence. If you are on the fence about this purchase take my advice and invest in yourself. You too can have the boost in self confidence from knowing your skin will always be silky smooth and stubble free. Everyone deserves to feel the way I do about their skin.
  • Camila - Some People Can't Think for ThemselvesLaviolette is being vilified. She was there to assess the DV in the relationships between JA and TA and she did it. Guess what? There is PLENTY of evidence that TA treated JA agressively and in a demeaning manner(to put it MILD terms). No one wants to say it but, TA, frankly, had a sick streak! That comment about a 12 year girl is DISGUSTING. Laviolette called it when she stated JA was not a stalker. TA was chasing after her for sex because JA gave it up and he could do her the way TA liked it. When is it ever okay to speak to someone the way TA was speaking to JA? If you think that's okay, this book is a MUST read buecuase itt's NOT okay to treat someone like that EVER and doing so makes you look like a total abuser douche and is evidence of DV. PERIOD. JA snapped and she killed him and then she lied to cover herself. JA murdered a total ass. Murder is murder so you should find her guilty. What does that have a thing to do with Laviolette?

    Laviolette's book is thoughtful and well written. The literature review gives a comprenhesive history of domestic violence as it has evolved in both criminal and clinical area. The woman knows her stuff.
  • homeowner, N. CA - very effective, when properly usedThis product is excellent and effective when used as intended- to stop single or multiple violent attackers and area denial with a reduced need to resort to injurious physical force. The UV dye in the agent marks the attacker so he can be later identified. I have used a smaller version of this product on a few occasions and it has allowed me to not have to use a club or firearm. This product IS NOT intended for use against passive suspects. The effect of this chemical causes an intense burning sensation, followed by a reflex response of the eyelids to close and clench. It does not blind an attacker, per say. If you spray a passive person, that person may become violent as a result, can pry an eye open with a free hand and then attack you. A passive trespasser may even be able to legally use force against you in self defense, to escape an unlawful assault. Please don't use this stuff for such a purpose. However, if you happen to be caught in the path of a riot, such as in S. Central LA, this stuff could save your family and home without having to cause permanent harm to anyone. I use a similar product in my home security system to stop burglary attempts cold and make the home uninhabitable for several hours. It is perfectly safe. I have been sprayed with it several times and most of the effects wear off after an hour or so. Some redness and irritation may persist for up to a few days, like a sunburn.