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  • bookworm - I love this productI was a little behind the times - I went from the Quicken 2001 version to the Quicken 2013 version, and the softwares improvements are great! I used to have to enter each receipt into the computer, which would take forever, but now my transactions can be automatically downloaded, and has saved me a lot of time.

    I'm still learning the software, but I like the graphs and the fact that you can enter your budget. I would definately recommend this to anyone.
  • Serena "S." - Cheaper than buying a new laptop!!After doing much research, reading a lot of reviews both here and on the Microsoft website I decided to take the plunge and download the upgrade, at a much cheaper price of $40 bucks. Even though I was wary of the massive amount of negative reviews, honestly I'm so glad I decided to make the change! My laptop, about 6 years old, is a Sony Vaio running "Vista" and was a nightmare to deal with. If I could avoid having to even go near my laptop I would, for days, even weeks on end. Startup took about 5 minutes (I finally timed it before upgrading), and everything ran so slow.

    This upgrade has given my laptop a whole new life! I don't get why people were so angry, and upset over not having a windows toolbar/start menu. Isn't that the main reason a computer would freeze anyways? Glad to have the clunky look gone, and this modern layout. I'm a minimalist so I deleted a lot of the pre-set tiles, only have what I need so there is less clutter. All of my files are still here, did not lose any photos/music/files at all! And in desktop mode, everything is still in its original place, so if you are feeling nostalgic to look at the old Windows view you still can.

    As far as the whole "adjusting" timeframe, took me less than 20 minutes. It's like pretending your laptop is a tablet or smartphone, which is awesome. Thanks Microsoft, you just saved me from having to buy a new laptop!! If you are on the fence and tired of your slow Vista running laptop I say go for it, you will be glad you did!
  • Tranesha P. Hewitt - Expensive but worth every cent!OMG! My bf tried to tell me to get some Abreva but that $20 was ridiculous. I had a cold sore for about 3 weeks trying cheaper methods (carmex, campho-phenique & all manners of cost-effective things). wrong answer! none of them worked. I finally got the abreva & in 24 hrs & the sore is almost invisible. Wow. Suffered thru a beautiful Miami vacation w/ a cold-sore. ugh! Could've just spent the $20 3 weeks ago. Oh well! Learned my lesson!
  • C. J. Wright - Listen to them speakYesterday, when I finished reading Bring up the Bodies, I was moved to post a review on Amazon. Having obtained the novel before its general release next month, I thought I would be amongst the first to praise it. Wrong. The site was already overflowing with laudatory reviews.
    Curiously, though, in all the praise heaped upon Mantel's various writing skills, not a single reviewer talked about the language that comes from the mouths of her characters. Lesser novelists mining the Tudor lode would flavor the speech of their characters with what they deem to be 16th-century argot (which works well if you are Anthony Burgess). But, with only an occasional use of a Tudor-era term for sexual organs or acts, Hilary Mantel pretty much sticks to modern English vocabulary: almost all the dialogue employs the vocabulary of perfectly normal modern English but the sound of it is definitely not of here and now. A neat trick. How Mantel does this sleight-of-hand, though, is not clear to me. A sparing use of contractions and an economy of words, yes. But there is also a subtle tweaking of the syntax that let's you know--even though you understand the words and sentiments--you are no longer in Kansas.