Special Operations in Medical Research - The Vile, Unspeakable Crimes of British Science and Medicine

Country: North America, US, United States

  • Maureen LeGros - Prepare to be awakenedThis is a must read! Even though the word social path is not mentioned but maybe once, its pretty clear that this is what Dr. Phil is talking about. Baiter is another word for the same thing. they come in varying degrees. make no mistake this book should be a must read for any student going away to college. Wake up's time!
  • Ryan Blackwell - The best review guide for Step 1This review has been incredible helpful not only in my preparation for Step 1, but also as a study tool during my first two years of medical school
  • G. Maisano "Nightchild" - A terrific si fi read--Stephen King with a soul!Wherever your beliefs lie on the UFO/alien agenda scale, forget them and just enjoy this book. It has all the taut story telling of Stephen King about ordinary people in blood curdling horrific circumstances but none of his hopelessness. I enjoyed it much more than Strieber's other book, The Greys, which was good but lacked a center. I recommend to anyone who enjoys a good read and/or is interested in the UFO/phenomenon.
  • James C. Meese - President Coolidge-an unkown factor in American HistoryGreat book-conveys the essence of a little known yet important president in American History. Though I am only 5 chapters into the book, it is an excellent account of Coolidge's life and politics. I am a Professor of History and well versed in the historical background of our nation. However, this book has deffinantly added to my understanding of Coolidge and his values. Many thanks to the author.
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    This is great! This helps us keep up with all our bills and payments and even keeps up with times when the one billing us is wrong! I recently experienced this, thanks to keeping up with all our purchases. We are never late!