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  • letusunite - Great purchase so far!The reorganization and coloring of the book is well worth it to me. I don't know if there is going to be a 28-page errata sheet, but I hope not. The 2012 errata have been fixed, so if you haven't annotated in your FA at all, get this book. The coloring and re-coloring of some of the text is well worth it, in my opinion. The information is easier to get through, and I like the organization. Good luck out there!
  • shineystaar - GREAT product - Removes raised moles, but flat moles, not so muchGreat product! It clearly removed one of the raised moles that I was dying to get removed.
    Luckily, I took the matter to my own hands and bought this product. I honestly think I got a
    pretty good deal for this cheap price! Even though it's a dinky bottle, your moles are tiny
    so you can get rid of some 100 moles or so with this product. I have to say though, the little
    file that comes with the product, I honestly don't think it did much.

    On the instructions online, DermaTend instructs you to scratch the mole with the file and then
    apply the medicine. The file doesn't really scratch your skin enough, so I had to use a sterilized pin
    to poke and scratch my mole until it bleed so the medicine could go through. (Caution: I'm pretty good
    at using my hands, so I don't suggest this method to people aren't! Don't poke too deep, you might leave
    a scar.) Overall, my mole came off COMPLETELY, roots and everything in like a matter of 4 days? It was so
    crazy, I was surprised. My face looks much clearer and cleaner than before :)

    This product works really well on raised moles, it didn't completely remove my flat mole. I guess it was
    harder to probe and prick with the pin, but when it healed, the mole wasn't completely removed. There was a teeny
    speck left and it's been bothering me, so I'm planning to use this product again a second time to see
    if it will completely remove my flattened mole.

    Overall, it's a GREAT product, just be careful to use it to avoid scarring and follow the instructions! :)
  • tmm1926 "Marie M." - Very compelling series!I normally do not write reviews, but with series I had to. I cried while reading this story. I don't normally do that, but Ms. Gabaldon's storytelling is so sincere, passionate & compelling. I enjoy this series immensely and wonder to my self "Does Rosetta Stone offer a chance of learning Gaelic?" :D. Being of Scotch ancestry, This work of fiction also teaches my history. Thank you Ms. Gabaldon for researching the historical facts & weaving them into a story that represents what married couples no matter what "time" they're in face: insecurity, loss, immense joy in their children, passionate love, stubbornness, speaking ones mind, making up afterwards, silent words spoken just by looking at each other....I could go on. You have such talent Ms. Gabaldon. Well Done!!
  • Ironbutterfly - Small package with Power PunchI absolutely love my Shark Vacuum! It is lightweight and easy to manuver. The Shark gets everything clean and with the bagless feature you dont have to worry about getting the dirt or dust all over you. This vacuum picks up everything and the noise level is very low. I use it at least twice a day! Great buy.